Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"Fill'er Up!"

I think I need to thank my long time friend (and fellow "blogger") David Jones. Dave turned me on to blogger in the first place, gave me a lot of encouragement and help. Now he's even plugged this blog' on his own Johnny Bacardi site. (We scratch one anothers' backs around this joint.)

Today was the day the (I think) California Truckers were wanting us all to boycott buying gasoline in protest of high prices.

You day just isn't going to help.

Maybe if everyone in this country didn't buy petrol today, but you wouldn't want to cripple our entire economy now would you? Honestly, there's only one way to lower gasoline costs and that's to make less demand for the product. It's NOT something that's going to change overnight, but over a period of weeks, months...who knows?

You have to drive more fuel efficent automobiles, carpool, live closer to work, and for God's Sake, get off of your lazy butts and walk somewhere if it's close (for a change) instead of sticking the key in that ignition switch every time.

Besides that, I filled up last night.


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