Thursday, December 30, 2004

"Fab Day"

Today I went on my semi-annual pilgrimage to my comic book shop because they were having a 25% off back issues sale. A friend of mine went along and wanted to stop at the bookstore in the mall first, so while he was looking for some various sf paperbacks, I looked on their discount table and found the 2000 Paul McCartney: Paintings over-sized hardcover for just $4.99. That made that stop worth while! But as we were exiting the mall area, I glanced to my right side and just inside of the video store the first thing I saw was a Beatles' DVD for sale. Then, all of a sudden over the intercom system, Paul McCartney's Jet started playing, and to top it off not 10 seconds later a kid, probably 17 or 18 at the most, passed me wearing a Beatles' t-shirt! Geez, what a strange grouping of coincidences, and all within 10 minutes of one another of The Fab Four!

Oh yeah; I DID finally make it over to the comic shop where I bought my usual 100 bags and backing boards seems like that's a regular purchase anytime I'm IN a comic shop), and found 4 different silver-age issues of Doom Patrol I needed including a much needed replacement of #99 (1st."Beast Boy"), 2 issues from the 3rd. series and 2 from the 4th., as well as New Teen Titans #'s 14 & 15 (which are DP app.'s), a Sgt. Fury #2 from 1963 as well as a #18 ("Death" of Pam Hawsley, as well as the comic talked about in Tarentino's True Romance), and out of the 50 cent box a Marvel Spotlight 27 ("Sub-Mariner"). I was VERY tempted to buy a Fair/Poor copy of Fantastic Four #1 they had on the wall, but even with 25% off with tax and all it'd been $200., so I passed. hated to as that's probably the cheapest I'd ever find a copy of it these days, but it looked a bit fragile and maybe brittle. (Oh,well.)

Great Day, all the same! (Say? "Fab" Four---"Fantastic" Four---other 4's, and I've played triple 4's on the pick 3 lottery tonight....hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

P.S>: Since I wrote the above I checked today's midday Pick 3 Kentucky Lottery: It was 4 - 4 - 6! (Almost...!)


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