Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Post No. 598"

A Happy 74th. Birthday to the deceased "Captain Marvel Jr." fanatic. As stated in the movie, Pulp Fiction, "One is either an Elvis person, Or, A Beatle's person." That is, you can like them both, but when it comes down to it, you're either more a fan of one or the other.

Well..I think everyone here knows which I personally prefer, and also I sort'a feel like the title of The King of Rock & Roll is more appropriate for someone like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard or Buddy Holly. But I will admit that I'm a fan of the music Elvis presley produced prior to his induction into the army in the latter 1950's, and even The Beatles said that his music inspired them (although their one meeting and jam session didn't go very well).

And this is ALSO the birthday of "Ziggy Stardust" aka" DAVID BOWIE! 50's t.v. commedien, Soupy Sales! And even that very funny old actor, Larry Storch!

NEW COMIC BOOK REVIEWS (Note that most of these are just some comics I've picked up to read and not part of my usual buying collective):

ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #59 (Marvel/02-09/Joe Pokaski, writer, Tyler Kirkham, artist). I haven't read an issue of this title since, oh...way back around #12, so I really haven't a clue as to what's going on with this alternate FF title comic these days, save that this tale involves The Thing, and, The Mole Man (of all characters) skrinking themselves down along with a space ship and having them injected into the body of Susan Storm (sans "Fantastic Voyage" style) to cure her of some nano-bot-insects. The story's decent enough and entertaining, and Kirkham seems to be of the Michael Turner school of art which is pleasing enough to the eye. There's a lot of extra "origin" type material here regarding Sue Storm indicating that she may even be more intelligent that her husband Reed Richards (which, in this title, they're only engaged to be married). Lotta continuity lost to me from the past nearly 50 years the FF's been around.

IRON MAN/HULK/FURY #1 (Marvel/02-09/seperate stories of The Hulk, Iron Man and Nick Fury by various writers/artists). The Iron Man story's sort of fun. Mostly revolves around Tony Stark, or, at least the version they like of him in this past year's movie. has him and Rhodey pal'lin around and picking up some hot chicks. The Hulk tale has Banner trying to mind his own business in a bar, and Nick Fury coming along to see what sort of power he really has by provoking him into turning into The Hulk. Not sure if I can ever get used to this current version of Fury being a bald, black man. What happened to The Howling Commandos? What happened to World War II? (God, I hate some of the changes Marvel's done.) But the solo Fury tale's not bad with overtones of memories of The Cold War era.

HULK CHRONICLES #6 (Marvel/2009/Greg Pak, John Rominta Jr./Jeff Parker/Leonard Kirk) reprints issues of Incredible Hulk (V2) #111 &World War Hulk 5, and as I stated before, the whole "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" was the most interesting of continuing storylines that Marvel's presented in the past few years. This issue pretty much brings all of that to a conclusion. Rominta's artwork is really prime these days. Enjoyed it very much.

HULK FAMILY #1 (Marvel/02-09) contains individual tales of "She-Hulk" with The Hulk, "Skaar, Son of Hulk" (by the warrior alien woman, "Caiera"), "Daughter of Hulk" (also a feminist warrior from a mating, obviously, with "Thundra"), and perhaps another daughter called "The Scorpion", which has something to do with a mating of sorts between Hulk and "Monica Rappaccini". The She-Hulk tale was really good where she's in Las Vegas at a class reunion and meets up with the Hulk-persona, "Joe Fixit" (the old grey-Hulk version from years ago). She helps The Hulk take down a couple of baddies, but in the end (although she does recognize him in this appearance), she states she doesn't because he's so brutal and unlike her cousin, Bruce. This also gives a retelling of the origin of She-Hulk.

The other stories are all okay, but really confussing with all of these various Hulk-offspring tie-ins currently. The back-up tale is a reprint of Savage She-Hulk #1 (1979) which was her first app. & origin, and worth picking up just to read that if you've never done so.

Well! A Straight-Shot of Marvel Reviews for a change! (Now THAT'S different for me!)

Speaking of which...a local video-rental store's going out-of-business and I was able to pick up a store copy of the "Doctor Strange" animated flick on DVD. Even came with the original hardbox and cardboard slip case. Sitting here letting it play again the the back ground as I write my blog.

Looked through some of their DVD promo posters as well and found one for "Stardust", a Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess series I enjoyed quite a bit from Vertigo-DC, and not too bad of a flick.

An odd thing I've won lately on an auction is The Silver Surfer figurine which comes with a CD Rom version of "The Lost Kirby Fantastic Four", which I'll be anxious to review once it finally arrives. (And please excuse any typos today 'cause...I'm REALLY tired.)


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