Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Post No. 622"

I finally got out in the garage and started going through all those boxes of stuff I want to put in the upcoming yard sale. I pulled at least 10 boxes, mostly toys, plus some misc. items. Looks like I've got enough already for a fairly decent size sale, but we haven't even started getting my wife or mom's things together for it, and a couple of neighbors may bring items too. (Looks promising.)

Also got my mom's entire yard, plus my own back yard mowed for the first time this year. I never was able to get the riding lawn mower going, no matter how many times I tried to recharge the battery, and finally just ended up paying someone $20. to mow her back yard as well as my own, then I shoved the push mower through grass sometimes 8" tall in her front yard and got that out of the way. Checked the battery; looks like I'll have to buy a new one for it.

On top of this I also got a hair cut, gas for the mowers, went by the fleamarket (picked up a DVD store copy of "Real Genius" which is one of my favorite older flicks), went to the post office, etc., etc. A VERY full day.

Speaking of "Real Genius", there's several flicks from the 1980's that are in the same vein as that one, all of which were memorable, and all usually revolving around youth themes. Ones that come to mind are "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", "Pretty In Pink", "The Breakfast Club", "Adventures In Babysitting", "Weird Science", and "Risky Business". Anyway, I liked a lot of flicks from the 1980's. One I just saw again on t.v. last night was "Big Trouble In Little China", which had a lot of good special effects and was a better Kurt Russell movie. Sort'a has that "Buckaroo Banzai" feeling to it...in a way.

Watched a DVD copy of the 2006 flick, "UltraViolet" that I picked up at the local flea market. It stars Milla Jovovich ("The Fifth Element"). In the future. She's a killing machine type, suffering from an incurable blood disease. Tries to rescue a child that has a cure in his own blood. Not too bad a flick just to watch. Has a bit of a comic book theme, but sort of a disapointing ending (seems like there should have been more to it).

Any hoo...

I've about got one full comic drawn on a new character, having finished 19 pages (still lack 4 + a front cover) in pencils and/or inks. When that's done I have a few pages to finish on a couple of other books I've been working on for the past year or so. Of course, these more than likely will never be published unless I finance them myself. Altogether I may have 15 completed full comics I've done over the past few years, still awaiting even a small press effort.

And if everyone would leave my positive feedback for items I've either sold/bought on line, I'd have my 1,000 FB's on eBay and my "red" star. (I know they've received items I've sold since I've checked the confirmation codes, but currently I'm still short a few points.)

Oh yes...I finally won a copy of House of Secrets (DC) #92 to complete my Wrightson issues of "Swamp Thing" (one more set "out-of-the-way").

Another comic I've gotten is a Star Spangled War Stories (DC) #151 (1970) which is the intro of "The Unknown Soldier" series, and I've bought also copies of 153 & 154 (origin issue), which will give me a straight run of SSWS 138-154, and probably about as far into that series as I'd really want. Odd how, at first, that character was different from later on when they always showed him with a bandaged face. In his first app. (#151) the story is that he was decended from previous military men in his family, all of which wore various disguises and would secretly aid their fellow soldiers.

And lastly, I won a copy of Millie the Model Queen-Size Special (Marvel) #9 (1969), which gives me a run of #'s 2-9 (last silver-age issue).

And, say! The tree trimmers finally showed up and cut back all of the limbs from my front two large trees from over the power lines, house and road! Now this Fall maybe I'll only have 2 or 3 weeks of raking leraves (instead of the usual 8)!


At 6:56 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Sorta has that "Buckaroo Banzai" feeling to it...in a way.

You know why? The script was by W.D. Richter, who directed Buckaroo! It's been rumored, although most deny it, that Big Trouble was the Buckaroo sequel script rewritten...

At 6:02 AM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

I did not realize that. Cool!


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