Wednesday, May 26, 2004

"Read This Only If You Are An A$$hole"

Anyone who works with the public on a daily basis knows that 99% pf the people you deal with are nice folks...and 1 % of them, are A$$holes.

No matter how nice your day's going, it's like the Law of Nature that at least one a$$hole is going to show up and ruin it. And we're not talking here about your boss, or your fellow employees, or, even yourself, because perhaps from them that's "expected".

No, it's always the idiot that doesn't want to follow any rules. It's the guy that wants to return merchandice he bought six months before, who doesn't have a receipt of any sort, or can't recall "who" the clerk was that sold it to him, but claims he was told something totally alien from any set rule in your store.

The typical a$$hole can be the person who thinks your retail store is actually some sort of flea market and has the firm belief that if they stand there wasting your time long enough, trying to bargain down the price, you will eventually give in and let them have the item at a cheaper price. Or,
it's the idiot that actually thinks you're going to help the competition by telling them what other stores in the area carries the same item.

It's that looney at the gas mart that expects the cashier to educate them as to how to play the lottery instead of reading the material available at the lottery station, or wants you to wait in line for an hour behind them while he/she spews out numbers wanting them to be manually punched into the machine rather than filling out "play slips".

And they are ALWAYS the one who wants to clerk to make HIM happy while there's ten other people waiting in line behind them getting rather ticked off.

They are easy enough to recognize. They're the inconsiderate, self-centered jackass in a crowd of otherwise normal individuals. And that's why I think a Special Day of the Week should be set aside...just for their "needs". Not Monday of course, because,'s MONDAY, right? And certainly not Friday because you don't want some a$$hole killing your good buzz on payday.

Probably either Wednesday or Thursday would be best. By then you're already thinking about the work week being "over the hump" so your mind's not going to pay much attention to anything that's he's spouting off at the mouth, and on that day you'll EXPECT to be waiting solely ON a$$holes. Just as soon as they come through the door you will know: "There's ANOTHER one!"

Of course, they'll probably all show up on Monday anyway; what else can you expect of an A$$hole.


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