Thursday, September 23, 2004


I have solved part of the mystery regarding the mysterious stone slab that's in my backyard (see post 09/19/04) thanks to a local historian who has used a "gravestone kit" on the faded lettering and done quite a bit of research.

The names on the stone are JAMES WILSON, and WALKER & MARY WILSON. The top name is the son, the names below it are of the parents : WALKER & MARY WILSON.

Walker came to Kentucky from Virginia in 1802 with his mother Elizabeth Wilson and his brothers, Jeremiah, Thomas, John B. and James, and his two sisters Martha and Sally. Elizabeth's husband, James, died in Virginia and his will directed that 1,000 acres of land from a military warrant be purchased by the executors of his estate.

Walker married Mary Yancey (from Barren Co., KY) on 27 April 1826 in Barren Co.(KY.). His brother, John B., witnessed the marriage. (Source: Barren Co. Marriage License transcripts by Martha Reneau)

I am assuming, at this point, that James is a young son of Walker and Mary (named for his deceased father). The DEATH YEAR on the stone is 1844. Since census records prior to 1850 do not list each individual in the household, I have no way of knowing James' birth date. It appears to be 182? but is still unclear.

Mary Wilson was listed in the 1860 census in Hart Co.(KY.) living with her daughter and son-in-law, Martha and John M. White, however, I do not find her listed in the 1870 census so I am assuming she died before 1870. I have searched all of the cemeteries records and do not find a burial site for Walker or Mary....could they be in my backyard???

I believe that James is buried in the backyard since the old homestead was at that location, according to the Edwards book.

If all of this is true, where I'm living now could very well be the site of one of the earliest settlements in this town.

As I continue this "investigation", I will let you know if I find any new information.

My eternal Thanks to Judy Lawler for all her help with this!


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