Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Keep Watching The Skies"

Today officially marks the 60th. Anniversary of the term "flying saucers" after a sighting of nine unusual objects in the sky by pilot Kenneth Arnold (click onto his name for a link to the entire story).

It's interesting to me that after all of these years we basically know little or nothing more about this phenomenon than we did (or, those who were alive then) in 1947.

Over the past 60 years so very much disinformation and fiction has been written and given to unexplained airships that basically people seem to believe they are one of the following:

Extraterrestrial space crafts

Government top secret military projects

Time travelers from the future.

Although I can personally not deliver an explanation (and probably wouldn't admit to knowing "what" they actually are IF I could), I still state that I believe that when UFOs are explained, they will more than likely be none of the above mentioned, but something totally out of our realm of imagination.


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