Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"R.I.P.: Bill Gibson"

My father-in-law, William P. ("Bill") Gibson, passed away last night. For those who regularly read this blog you'll remember that he's been battling cancer for well over a year now. In fact, one year ago last April he was given only a few months to live. His will and determination kept him alive and with a strong, clear mind up until only a couple a days ago. He will be missed.

Bill outlived Susan (who also died of cancer), his wife of many years, by over 7 years. He is survived by three daughters, Deborah, Lynn and Kimberly, 6 great nieces, several grandchildren, two sisters and many other relatives. Visitation will be at Brown's Funeral Chapel in Elizabethtown, Kentucky tomorrow, followed by the funeral on Friday.

Bill served in The Navy in the 1950's, and was known as a builder of many houses in the Elizabethtown area (as well as his own). He was an avid collector of antique automobiles and love to "piddle" with them and fix them up, and did so up until his seventies until his illness prevented him from doing so.

He loved to travel and meet new people, and didn't have an enemy in the world. He had many, many friends who will all be saddened by this loss.


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