Monday, July 09, 2007


Today we show the "firehouse favorite", the Dalmatian.

Originating in Dalmatia, Europe, before 1790 this dog was large and strong with lots of endurance.

Often found in firehouses, the Dalmatians are good watchdogs and faithful pets.
Dan's father is a fireman and his dog is a favorite with the men of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 10. His official name is Fearless Fire-Laddie, but Dan calls him Spotty.

Paste this picture down on cereal box cardboard and color with crayons. Dan wears a red helmet with white shield. His shirt and top of his boots are red, but his pants are dark blue. Spotty is white with black spots. The end of his nose and muzzle is pink.

Cut out the picture carefully. Fold the dog forward at the dotted line and fold the name panel forward as in the small sketch.

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TOMORROW: The French Poodle



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