Monday, February 18, 2008

Post #450! NEW Comic Book Reviews"

"Pucked" up some new comics recently:

FUTURAMA 35 (Bongo): In this issue, Fry, Lela and Bender regain their super-powers from a mysterious cream of Fry's (like in the animated episode), and they battle a villian called The Son of The Sun; i.e., they had battled previously a villian called "The Sun, and now they're fighting his son. The usual laughs for this well-written comic which reads much like watching an animated adventure. They go to "The Son's" Fortress of Sunitude (located ON the sun, of course), and we have a neat little Beatles' song mention (which has already been notated over on my "Beatles & Bizarros" blog, incidently) when as Fry approaches the planet in their rocket ship he states, "Here Comes The Sun, Here Comes The Sun and it's, land!" They end up convincing the villian that "darkness" is a pretty good thing as well (since he'd made all of these miniture suns to be positioned all around the Earth, keeping it constantly in sunlight) and the "Son" ends up opening a disco-type night club on Earth. Fun read! A+

MYTHOS: FANTASTIC FOUR 1 (Marvel "one-shot") has a story that revolves around a senate hearing over the events of the FF's origin. Although this version of the origin more closely resembles that of the movie, it was still a decent story and the painted-type artwork actually enhanced the story. A

FANTASTIC FOUR 553 (Marvel) finally ends the storyline where the future version of "Dr. Doom" comes back into the past to stop Reed Richards utopian plans for Earth. But besides the future Doc, the future FF come back as well to convice Reed that this is just all a ploy. Turns out that Doom was just jealous of Richards (par usual) and wanted the credit for a near perfect future civilization to go to him instead. And, as usual, the FF defeat Doom, but rather than punishing him, they send him to an alternate version of Earth where all of the super heroes had been killed, so Doom will be the most powerful being in that time line, and they gave him the challenge to perfect this dying world. It's not that this was "that bad" of a story, and somewhat different than some of the FF's over the past few years, but it'll be nice to finally see the team get into a new situation and be all together as the original unit. I'll give it a B.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 17 (DC) deals mostly with "Black Lightning", and "The Horsemen of The Apocalypse" and various other super-villians, and although this book has a lot of "pretty pictures", there's little meat to this story. I found the backup feature with Vixen and Red Arrow much more enetertaining. B-

SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL 11 (DC) finally concludes the "Kryptonite" story which ran in issues 1 thru 5. A bit too anti-climatic for such a long wait, but still better than the usual fare, and Sale's artwork is always nice (he draws a pretty cute Lois Lane). A-.


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