Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Some Comic Book News & Reviews"

Heard that actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment today. Post-production was already underway on the next "Batman" movie in which he played The Joker.

Got in a lot of comics here lately. Speaking of Batman... one of the comics I just got in the mail is a Detective Comics #298 (1961) which is the first silver-age version/app./origin of the villian: "Clayface". It's just a "reader's copy", but one that I wanted a copy of again as it's an old childhood memory of the early issues of Bats I read. This issue also has backups of "J'onn J'onzz" and "Aquaman". Rather than Ramona Fradon drawing Aq-Man the artwork was one of artist Nick Cardy's( which was sort of surprizing that far back, and I'm sure is why he was chosen to drawn the character's own title later on).

Also in the mail lately a full set of Rick Veitch's Maximortal series (published in 7 issues by King Hell). I've always enjoyed Veitch's work and picked up a copy of his "Brat Pack" TPB recently to re-read that excellant series.

Other items that's come in was a set of DC-Vertigo's Y the Last Man on Earth 1-9 which I liked quite a bit. Although I already know how this second storyline in the series ends I'll need to cop a copy of #10 of this sometime just to complete the first two sequences.

And in #4 of "Y" I discovered yet more Beatles' references! TWO in fact in panels 2 and 3 of page 10 that mention such things/people as The Beatles, George (Harrison) and "Strawberry Fields". (These have already been duly noted over on my "Beatles & Bizarro's" blog site.)

Another series I got was the four issue Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein written by Grant Morrison. Of the 7S series I've read, this is by far one of the better ones.

I got in a set of AC Comic's Americomics 1-4 & Special 1 which are interesting as #'s 3 & 4 of the regular comic plus the Special all feature Charlton Comics characters such as "Capt. Atom, Nightshade, Blue Beetle, The Question", and even, "Atomic Mouse"! The human hero app.'s all predate their introduction by DC Comics in their "Crisis" series, and it was their first app.'s since any were published originally by Charlton.

Also from AC, FemForce 1-3, which all feature "good girl art" and semi-impressions of various GA heroines.

And finally, several issues of the two different "Just A Pilgrim" series from Black Bull Publications, all written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Ezquerra. Excellant books! Ennis, of course you know from "The Preacher" (among other titles) and Ezquerra probably did the most recognizable artwork on issues of "Judge Dread".

And now...on to NEW comics I've picked up.

Action Comics (DC) #860" is another finely illustrated issue by Gary Frank, written by Geoff Johns, and guest-stars "The Legion of Super-Heroes". So far I have no complaints about their work on this title and look forward to seeing every issue they do. (A+)

Batman (DC) #672: is also a fine issue written by Grant Morrison and features the return of the notorious "Ra's Al Ghul". Very acceptable artwork and story as well. (A)

Brave & The Bold, The (DC) #9: this time features such faves as "Dial H" w/Robby Reed teaming up with "The Metal Men", "The Blackhawks" teaming w/"The Boy Commandoes" and "Hawkman" joining forces with the current incarnation of "The Atom". I found the Blackhawk/BC teamup tale a little weak, but it was nice to see Lady Blackhawk again ("mini-skirt" and all) and the MM tale starring "Tin" was well done. (A)

Detective Comics (DC) #840: Really didn't impress me much this go around, but it was still okay. Just (to me) not one of its better issues. (B)

Fantastic Four (Marvel) #552: has "Dr. Doom" battling "The Thing" and as was on other issues a nice Michael Turner cover, but the story just doesn't have enough meat to it and it read way too fast. I'm afraid it just wasn't all "that great" this time (C)

Futurama Comics (Bongo) #34: was also somewhat of a disapointment this go around. For a change it didn't read like an animated episode as well, and there wasn't enough of "Bender" to really make me laugh that much. (B)

Justice League of America (DC) #16: starts a new storyline this issue and looks interesting "so far" with the return of the Tangent "The Atom". Although I thought this story was a bit too much of a prelude into the next issue, it was alright; just not great. (B)

Supergirl (DC) #25: introduces a new character called "Reactron" who has a fairly unique-looking costume as far as current characters go. But Kelly Puckett really needs to work a little better on the writing. Readable, but not as good as some of the previous issues. (B)

and finally...

Superman Confidential (DC) #10: was better this time with app.'s of "Darkseid" and "The Forever People", and next issue will finally be the conclussion of the Tim Sale "Kryptonite" tale. I may drop this title after that however as one can only take so many Supe's titles per month. This issue was an "A" (maybe not so next time...who knows?)

And in my personal life I've spent the better part of this day off from my regular job helping repair a broken water line which flooded my utility room floor and ruined the carpet therein. Last week it was a stopped-up sewer due to roots growing in the lines and now this little winter mishap. All total I've had to shell out over $200. in repair costs. Spring...come SOON!


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