Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Post No. 602"

I was thinking that perhaps Marvel had released that "Fantastic Four Lost Adventure" as an actual comic, but wasn't sure. However, a friend told me that they did, so I'll probably pick up a copy. Always easier to read it in that format.

Finally got in a lot of 21 misc. books; some magazines and the rest mostly alternative-type titles. A real "mish-mosh" of stuff that ranged from the 1970's thru the early 1990's.

The earliest of this lot was a copy of Smile #2 (1970), published by Krupp, and falls in the underground comix catagory. Already had this but will probably keep the extra issue as it's a Beatles' app. (on the back cover); one in my Beatles stuff and one in the "regular' collection. Some nice early work in this by Dennis Kitchen.

There was also one of the "Zippy Quarterlies", a character that I always get a kick out of, and a
National Lampoon from '73 w/Bode' and Jeff Jones (I don't own a whole lot of issues of NatLamp these days so it's always good to get back an early copy). And there was a mid-70's Heavy Metal w/Mobius among other oddities, but the best of the magazine-size stuff was a 1980 Australian reprint of DC characters called Creature of the Unknown which is 96 pages in length, and reprints (in B&W) stories from Swamp Thing V1 #'s 15 thru 18, plus Rip Hunter...Time Master #15 (see above scan).

In the regular-size comics there were items such as a 4th. Print. of Kevin Smith's Clerks, which was pretty funny, actually. All about those guys trying to make a fortune off of "Star Wars" short-packed action figures, and Death Rattle #7, a Matt Wagner/Mike Allred issue of Grendel B&W #3 (which completed a set of those for me), a couple of issues of Peter Bagge's Hate, a Hotstuff #4 w/Morrow work (NOT the Harvey humor character, but an underground), a DC Justice, Inc. L.S. #1 w/Baker art, a Star*Reach #10 (an issue I didn't have) and some misc. A good batch of reading.

I also will be getting in the rest of the issues from V1 of Marvel's The Ultimates soon and will be reviewing same.

And since I didn't have anything better to do today I decided to re-list a few lots on ebay just to "test the current watrs" for sales. (For those interested you can view them Here.)

Hoping that we'll miss the worst blunt of an approaching Winter storm moving in Monday-Tuesday this week!


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