Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Post No. 624"

Last weekend at the local flea market, one dealer had DVDs at $1.@ and I was able to pick up the first 40 episodes of the British "Danger Man". On each of these 5 different DVDs were each 8 episodes. It'll be interesting to watch them as it's the first UK season which I've never seen. (And, for those not familiar with that series, here in the U.S. it was called "Secret Agent", and starred Patrick McGoohan).

Passed on several episodes as well of "The Prisoner" (which had just one full episode on each DVD), but I've watched those again here just in recent years.

Also passed on an animated copy of "Superman/Doomsday", which I've seen as well in recent times. Wish I could find, instead, a copy of "JLA: New Frontier", as I consider that one to be the best animated flick of its sort that's come out of the DC lineup.

Flea markets are really the best place to find older DVDs and especially inexpensive copies of super-hero flicks. In fact, I could have picked up VSH copies of most all of them that's been made since the 1989 "Batman" flick at one time or another had I wanted them in that format, but I've been trying to replace everything with DVDs these days.

On Easter Day I watched the 1958 "Solomon and Sheba" on Turner. hadn't seen this religious flick in many a year, but still holds up well and has many a dramatic special effect, the most significent being where all of the Egyptians are blinded by the sun glaring off the Isrealite's shields and falling into the crevis. A little soap opery in spots, but still a fine performance by Yul Brunner and Gina Lolobrigita.

Still continuing to clean out the garage and get things together for the upcoming May 1-2 yard sale. Amazed at how much space I'm getting out there now, and still wishing I had an industrial-size dumpster to throw about 1/2 of what's still in it, out! If I ever finish it, then it's the house next as I'm determined to someday make more room around here and clean up this place to appear where "normal" people dwell.

Got in copies of DC's Star Spangled War Stories 151 ("Unknown Soldier" series begins) and 154 (Origin of TUS) recently, with a #153 on its way. That'll now give me a run of 138-154 complete. Not sure just how far I want to take that series. Looks like the Joe Kubert reprints end with #163, but then Frank Thorne did some later issues and there's even one by Howard Chaykin. Soooo......

Also should be getting in a copy of Charlton's Cheyenne Kid #70 soon, which will give me a full run of the "Wander" backup stories drawn by Jim Aparo, and there's no others of that particular series which would interest me outside of perhaps a #8 (first issue; formerly Wild Frontier) which is the character's second app. and first in his own title, or the previous Wild Frontier #7 (which is CK's 1st. app.).

Still need 5 issues of DC's Our Fighting Forces and 4 issues of the 1970's Black Magic all of which were Kirby issues to complete JK's 70's DC stuff. Damn, but for cheaper comics those seem to be difficult to locate issues.

The Millie the Model Annual #9 came in, which was the first POST silver-age issue of that title. Still need #'s 1 & 8 to complete the SA run, which, whenever I ever get those, I may go ahead and try to finish up the 10-12 just to have a full set.

Got both my own yard as well as my mom's mowed for now the second time this year, and this time i was able to do all of the mowing myself and not have to hire someone to do part of them since I got the riding lawn mower going again. Am seriously considering buying, at least, a new "push" mower for the trim work as this one's been Frankenstein-ed together a good many times and is on its "last legs" (so-to-speak).


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