Friday, June 26, 2009

"Post No. 646"

Wack-O, Jack-O, Dead-O, 5-0. I'll admit to never being a big fan of Michael Jackson. In fact, I liked his early stuff with The Jackson 5 better than anything he did as a solo performer. His music was geared "somewhere" out there away from my tastes, but I always considered him a decent show man and second to none in obtaining publicity when he wanted it. Still, I hate to hear of the passing of the weird one, especially so young. Jackson always wanted as much fame as Elvis, which he sometimes achieved even to the point of marrying Presley's daughter, and it appears that he went out out this mortal life much in the same way. Now maybe Paul can buy back his songs.

Farrah Fawcett; always such a pretty thing. Iconic, and perhaps not the best actress that's ever lived, but in some memorable roles. A less than sterling perfermance in "Logan's Run". A more brilliant one in "The Burning Bed". Lots of fans cheering her on from remembering her as one of the original Charlie's Angels. Cancer doesn't avoid the famous.

Ed McMann was the true star of "The Tonight Show" at times, being the perfect side man for Johnny Carson. Like many, he didn't have the best judgement when it came to his lovelife, but that only added to the more human side we all knew just oozed from the guy.

And along to other things...

Read some more of those comics I got in a recent lot. One I was particurly impressed with was a copy of DC's Outsiders #3 (2003) where The Joker breaks into lex Luthor's secure house, kills all of his guards and secret service people, then tortures lex trying to get him to tell where some items he'd purchased were located. Seems LexCorp bought the company The joker had been dealing with for some of his gadgets. Takes Nightwing and the current Outsiders to rescue Lex. Wasn't really impressed with later issues #'s 26 & 27 as much as this early one.

Also read the first five issues of the 2001 DC Green Arrow series written by Kevin Smith. Not a bad book. GA is treated with some dignity and handled fairly well.

As yet I haven't read Young Avengers #1 (Marvel), Wanted #5 (Top Cow), or some other issues I have around of such things as Peter Parker Spider-man, or Spider-Woman Origin, but shall within the next couple of nights.


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