Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Post No. 642"

Well...whenever they get here.... I've won a couple of older comics off of eBay auctions this past month. Both are humor titles.

One of them is a copy of DC's Funny Folks #6 (1947), and the other is Harvey's Harvey Hits #6 (1960, I believe).

The FFs features the first "Nutsy Squirrel" cover, and the HHs is the first solo "Wendy the Good Little Witch" comic. (which after a length run as a feature in "Casper", Harvey decided to give her a tryout in her own title).

I'll admit being not even born when the FFs came out; not for another 4 years yet in 1951. DC did many a post WWII/"Roswell" era humor titles back then, even dropping the declining popular super-heroes created during the war and replacing them with uplifting themes (such as "funny animals"). "Nutsy Squirrel" was one of their better features.

And, "Wendy", well...I read a LOT of Harvey Comics' humor stuff back in the days before super-heroes became my main type of diet in the 1960's, what with both Marvel and DC pouring them out. "Stumbo the Giant", "Hot Stuff", "Casper", "Wendy", "Sad Sack", "Little Dot", "Richie Rich", "Baby Huey", "Little Lotta", etcetera, etcetera. Harvey pretty much used a "template" for the designs of these characters making them all part of that company's house style.

I've also ordered a big bunch'a more modern stuff which will be reviewed as it arrives and is read and, as usual, when time allows. It includes:

Flash v2 (DC)198-200, 207, 214-216

Outsiders (DC) 3, 26, 27

Amazing Spider-man (Marvel) 555

Day of Vengence 1-3

Peter Parker Spider-man v2 (Marvel)#'s 31, 32, 44

Legion of Super Heroes (DC)# 274

All-Star Batman (DC)3, 4

The Authority (Image)17,20,22 + annual

The Sentry (Marvel)2, 3

Marvel Boy (Marvel)3

Avengers (Marvel)72, 73

Wanted 5

Spider-Woman origins (Marvel)1, 2

Green Arrow (DC/ 2001 series) 1-5

Moon Knight (2006/Marvel) 1

Daredevil V2 (Marvel)2,5,8,49

Eternals V2(Marvel)#1 - (Gaiman)

Young Avengers(Marvel) # 1

In other things..."

The boss has yet to hire anyone else to help us out in the retail section of the store for the Summer. Instead, they put themselves down on the schedule to work, but, also as usual, find some excuse to ask one of only two workers there (myself as one of those) to work in their place. Therefore I haven't had two days off from work in a row for the entire month. In fact, I'm scheduled for 8 full days I'll have to work that section by myself in June. I was supposed to be off Saturday, but the boss hurt her back and asked me to work that as well, so it's another one of those six day in a row stints where I can never get anything caught up at home. I end up having to do the mowing et all after I work my 8 -1/2 hr. day, leaving me pretty exhasted by the time I DO get a day off. And, of course, by then someone else seems to always have something "planned" for me to do then. (This being the prime reason "why' my blog posts seem to be getting further and further apart.)


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