Sunday, May 30, 2004

"Remembering Harold"

Here on this Memorial Day weekend I'd like to dedicate this particular blog to my late brother, Harold, who died while serving his country in The Marine Corps in February, 1965.

Harold didn't die from wounds received in battle, but rather from contracting spinal meningitis while being located at Cherry Point North Carolina. He had one daughter, Michelle, whom he named after the title of a favorite Beatles' song; he only got to see and hold her one time the Christmas before his death.

I owe a lot to Harold. He was six and a half years older than me, and as with all little brothers, I looked up to him for protection and advice. Without his influence and various interests, my life would have been much different. He loved comic books. He loved to draw. He loved rock & roll music. He loved putting together plastic models. ALL of these things I gained a love of, by them being things HE loved as well.

When he died I wasn't quite 14 years old, so the majority of my teenage years I grew up without him being around. But I can't forget many fond memories sharing with him in my pre-teen years. Of building many a snowman in the yard, or playing baseball, and teaching me how to shoot pool, or dragging me along to the local Drive-In when he had a date. These were all things that a good big brother would do, as much as I'm sure there was many a time he would rather not. But Harold was a good kid, a good student, good in atheletics and played in the school bands (as well as the "Pep" Band). He was well-liked by all he met and broke many a young lady's heart I'm sure. And, he is missed.

I often wonder what my life would be like TODAY had he lived? I do know that I, and everyone else who knew him, would have been a better person because of that pleasure.



At 12:34 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

I'm sorry I never got to meet your brother. This is a great tribute to him.


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