Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"Election Day '04"

Welcome to The Apocalypse! Oh, wait. It's Election day. Well, pretty much the same thing.

Lots of mud-slinging in this election, not just between candidates, but people voting for them as well. Of course, it really doesn't matter. 4 years down the road, no matter who becomes president, people will be complaining about whomever gets in the office. They'll make a lot of promices that they won't fulfil. And Lord help you if you really think anyone in Washington cares about you individually. You may as well vote for "Lassie"; at least if the country gets in trouble, you can always send Lassie for help.

And of course, perhaps the president isn't really running this country anyway, but actually a not-so-secret cult which thinly disguises itself as a "beneficial" organization, and has a lodge in almost any city in the country. You don't think so? Well. I wouldn't say that's really true, but just look as how many presidents we've had that were/are members. (Their goal IS, and always has been, to control the world.)

And also if your state doesn't have a lot of electorial votes, well, it's going to probably go one way or the other as it always has in the past.

The people of this country are a fickle lot. Back when 9/11 occured, we were all gung-ho for revenge. We didn't care "who" we got the revenge on in particular. All of a sudden everyone got a shot of patriotism. People who never had an American Flag in their lives were displaying them in front of their houses, and on their cars and wearing pins. I know this for a fact. I work at a retail store and the manufacturers of flags (which are 90% foreign, by the way) couldn't keep up with the demand. I had one woman say that she was really disapointed that she coundn't find a flag "anywhere". When I asked her "why she didn't already have one", she replied, "I didn't know I needed one until now". (That's pretty pathetic.)

And here we are a few years later bitching about the whole mess.

So, go ahead and vote today,folks. It's part of the freedom we enjoy having living in this country.

Or, don't vote. Because that's a freedom you can also enjoy.


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