Friday, January 07, 2005


Such a pleasant day.

While attempting to splice wires and repair a trailer light at work, I sliced off the tip of my middle finger on my left hand. Of course it bled like a stuck hog for a good thirty minutes. Then came home to find that (once again) I had a leak in the roof. This time in the entrance way and it's ruined a couple of ceiling panels I'll have to replace, plus getting up on the top of the house and seeing if I can seal that leak "whenever" all of this rains stops (which we've had in buckets today).

Wasn't a totally bad day, however. In the mail was another dozen or so issues of the Gilberton ("Classics Illustrated") silver-age series The World Around Us that I needed. Such a great series! Just loaded with artwork by the likes of Crandall, Torres, Williamson, Ingels, Morrow, Disbrow, L. B. Cole and Evans. I think I'm down to needing just 7 issues to complete my set of the run of 36 now.

Also in the mail, a good friend was gracious enough to send me freebie copies of #'s 93 & 119 of the silver-age Doom Patrol. Currently I have that set down to eleven issues now, with another three issues still to come in the mail (one of them the first app. in My Greatest Adventure #80), so it's getting there.

Tomorrow morning my wife and I are supposed to make a little trip about 45 miles from here where she has a craft booth set up at an antique-type mall, and I'm to look through a few long boxes of comics a guy has there that owes me quite a bit'o credit, so there's no telling what goodies I'll aquire. Probably nothing actually on my "want list" of comics, but more than likely a LOT of good reading.

Got the weekend off and the temp's here in South-Central Ky. are supposed to be moderate, so maybe it'll be a good weekend all the way around.

Hope everyone else has a great one as well!


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