Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Christmas Commotion"

Today I want to talk a little about something I have seen on Network News that I find pretty disturbing, which is the madness in some of the larger cities are well-known department stores during this Christmas Season. I've seen clips of people being trampled by rushing customers, fights breaking out and other violence just to purchase merchandice.

Hurting other people, being rude or violent, is absolutely no excuse just because you personally want that new desktop pc, or new Game Boy, or t.v., or for a child. In fact, if you're spending these mega-bucks on a child at Christmas, then obviously you've never taught your kid the value of a buck to begin with, and such behavior is certainly no example for them. It's the small number of people such as this that really darken the holidays for others. There are other ways of giving and showing love at Christmas than showing it with money. Maybe you should take your child to a homeless shelter and make him dish out food for the needy, take away those video games and mega-dollar sneakers for a while and see what life is really all about. Because money absolutely does not buy love.

I used to feel a bit sorry for myself living here in a rural community, with any larger city being at least a 45 minute drive away, but at least here locally we have yet to experience such madness. In fact, my wife visited the local Wallyworld at 9:AM on Black Friday, and was still able to purchase everything she went after. (People would be amazed at what they really need in life if certain items weren't readily available.)

And it doesn't matter to me if you don't believe in the true meaning of the oncoming holiday. You don't have to be Christian to act like a civilized human being.


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