Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The Off-And-On Daily Rap"

It's been mentioned in e-mails to me (and I say, "e-mails", because even though I have several people that actually DO read this blog, for unknown reasons they don't care to use the Comment areas), that my blog posts here of late have been rather dark.

Well, I "could" use the old Steve Martin clique and just just EXCUUUUUUSSSEEE ME! There are more things in life to comment upon than just the fantasy of a comic book series, or some silly animated cartoon show, or a number of other unrealistic things where one really doesn't need to use their minds to understand them. It's a little thing I like to call real life. So, for those who don't want to read about reality, check back in from time-to-time and I'll eventually have something your Neverland mind can ponder upon.

But---in the meanwhile----

But I won't (*heh*). Honestly, I do occasionally need this space just to vent some of my own frustrations. Keeps me from being like a postal employee on a bad day (geez, I'll get comment from that). And maybe this'll be the last post for a while on just some "things" on my mind.

Such as...I think about how it's been 42 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy come this 22nd. day of November, and the American Public is still no closer to the truth of what happend then than we were on 11/22/63. The "Official Report" of the assassination has been sealed by court order not to be opened until 2038. Isn't it about time that decision was repealed? About everyone all the way up to the president at that time (Lyndon B. Johnson) is dead, so just who is still to be protected? Why is it called a National Security issue, when it has absolutely nothing to do WITH National Security? Why must the only report available to The American Public still be The Warren Report, which was just as much as a cover-up as "Project Blue Book" was about UFOs; just "something" to satisfy people who wanted answers?

Personally I think it'd be a fine gesture is our current president demanded those files open to the public. It might help his status among American citizens who distrust the government. (But, of course, IF and "when" those files do become available, don't expect to find much that's actually readable, anyway, because those files were destroyed as they were being photocopied. It's a little trick those who want to forever destroy facts do with such files. They use something to blacken out the parts they don't want you to read first, then photocopy them and destroy the originals. With current technology, even with areas blacked out they could use computers to still read the original typing, but photocopies that have been pre-blackened, especially back in the 1960's, weren't sensitive enough to make such detailed copies, so that material IF blackened out, now is lost forever.)

And, okay, I'll talk a little about comics today. I'll talk about people you buy comics from thru an on-line auction that don't list all the defects in their books. Such as today when I received a small lot of silver-age comics, one of which was a copy of The Brave & The Bold (DC) #57: 1st. app. of "Metemorpho" (1965) which arrived minus the center pages, which of course contained the origin. I thought I'd won a low grade copy of this at an inexpensive price for my collections. Yes, it certainly WAS low grade, and the dealer isn't replying thus far to my e-mails regarding it. And mind you I'm not complaining about the price, because sometimes you really "get what you pay for", but just the point that it wasn't listed as such. I'll keep you updated on what becomes of this situation.


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