Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Bloggin' Right Along..."

The same people that I used a BIN to purchase a copy of Omega Men #3(1st. app. "Lobo") from yesterday offered me a few more items at .99 each from my various want lists of comics, and I'll be getting another 3 misc. issues of the DC/Vertigo Doom Patrol I need (which will bring those down to 10 issues to complete that set), plus another 2 issues of Animal Man (think I'll still need around 15 or 16 of those though).

I finally finished re-reaing that 1996 series run of Supergirl in order so I could make better sense of it all (well, all but the 4 odd issues I don't have), which is composed of 80 issues plus 2 Annuals and the 1 Million one-shot. After the re-read it all joined together quite nicely, and I'm a bit surprized that this didn't end up as a Vertigo title somewhere along the way, as the storylines regarding "Earth Angels", "Demons In Human Form", etc. would surely have fit in with those sort of titles.

But after all of those it's nice to see Kara Zor-El back as a super-heroine again in her new title as it fits in more with the original concept of the silver-age character.

And, by the way, that's the last you'll hear me review a Supergirl title for a long time...which I'm sure everyone that reads this blog on any sort of regular basis will be happy to hear. (*heh*)
So...what am I gonna read now? (Okay...who's the smart a$$ that said a book WITHOUT any pictures?!?!?)

And, after my dad worrying my mom and me to death over trying to get his riding lawn mower started and running yesterday (as well as numberous trips back-and-forth to his place to work on same) I finally called off my trip to look through those long boxes of modern comics. Will try that again Friday when I have another day off, leaving early that morning as I'll have other things to getout of the way then as well (like, going by to pick up my weekly paycheck and depositing it). My dad means well, really, but age has taken quite the toll on his mind, I'm afraid. I was speaking with a good neighbor who checks in on dad regularly, especially during the day when I'm at work, and even he said that he was able to see how much he'd gone down just since last Autumn. Dad doesn't even have the strength in his hands to turn the ignition key on his truck, which is a good thing in a way because seriously, I wouldn't want him to be out on the road at his age and condition. I'm sure that aging parents are something many of you can sympathize about, or shall know about as the years pass by. We simply don't live forever, nor do we retain the energy we did sometimes even a year before. I know I certainly can tell a difference in when I was 40 and now at age (nearly) 55, and I keep extremely active.

Well, as you can tell by my saying my next day off from work means that I personally didn't win that $365,000,000.00 Powerball Jackpot last Saturday night. From what I hear, one person from Nebraska won it. Can ya imagine...

So it's back to $10,000,000.00, which I'm certain I'd be over-joyed to win. Never could figure these people out that say they don't buy a lotto ticket until it's way up there (like they'll ever have 10 Mil' in their lifetimes!)

The ones that REALLY kill me are the people that win it big, then say they'll keep their street cleaners or garbage men...just because they love their work.



At 5:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lotteries: First on people who win lotteries but keep on working. About 4 or 5 years ago the largest lottery jackpot in American history was won by 13 people who worked in a plant in Columbus,Ohio. PowerBall was not played in Ohio so twice a week one member of this group would drive into Indiana to buy the tickets. I don't know how much they won but each member cleared over $10,000,000. I mention all of this because about a year after this lottery win I happened to be at the plant and two of those 13 were still working on the floor of this factory. The others had quit but most did not quit immediately. Not every day you walk out on a factory floor and see millionaires working there.

Second: Only playing when it gets to a big jackpot. Since the odds of winning the PowerBall jackpot are about 149 million to 1 the risk vs reward does not become even until the jackpot hits $149 million. That is one reason to wait for those large amounts.

The other reason is, $10 million isn't really THAT much money. Face it, taxes will take about half of what you win so the most you could clear would be abour $6 mil. Where would you put that much money? You could put it in a bank and draw around 4% interest or about $240,000 a year. Of course that would involve managing certificates of deposit in 60 different banks to be sure they were all insured.

And you would be asked for a lot more charity contributions than you are now. Assuming you would be charitable you could give away a whole lot more than you do now maybe reducing your take to some $200,000. Then there are relatives who would always be hitting you up for a loan. Or friends.

For myself, if I won such a prize I would give 1/3 of it to my daughter so that would cut my income down to $160,000. While that would increase my income and my lifestyle I really don't think that amount would be worth the notority that would come with being a lottery winner.

All of these considerations are why I wouldn't advise playing until the jackpot reaches probably $75 Million (a risk/reward of about 50%) and enough to definately make a huge change in your lifestyle.

At 5:23 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Personally I'd spend the biggest part of it on booze and ho's and then just waste the rest. X^D


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