Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Supergirl Saga (Continues...)"

I was going to try to review the remaining 70+ issues of Supergirl (DC 1996 series), but due to the length of the review, I started looking around on other sites and found a summary that I feel is much better than what I could do here.

So just click onto this link and it'll tell you all you ever needed to know about this character's history, as well as other "Supergirls" in the DC Universe.

And, if you'll click here, it'll give you a complete list of the "Matrix/Supergirl" character from said series in the order of their appearances (or, "pretty much" complete, at least).

I would like to say that overall, it's an excellant series; much better work by Peter David (I feel) than he ever did on his long run of "The Incredible Hulk" (but, of course, we're talking apples and oranges here; one being a Marvel character and the other DC/one being male and the other female).

I'll be getting in issues of the new Supergirl series soon: #'s 1-3, plus some of the stories about her before she gained this current title. It won't be so much to digest at one time and I'll give my opinion of it as they arrive and are read.


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