Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Supergirl Saga"

Been trying to complete this set of the 1996 DC Supergirl series. You know; the character that originally began back in the early 1990's as "Matrix".

I've always been a fan of Peter David's writing, and I'm sure that's not a single issue of his run on "The Incredible Hulk" I haven't read at one time or another. Plus, I've always been a big fan of Supergirl no matter which form she happened to be taking at the time. The back-ups in Action Comics were the first continuing series of any sort I always tried to make a point of reading, and many a time when I bought an issue of said title, I'd turn to her story first to read before the main Superman feature.

I kept up with her through her first arrival on Earth and throughout her "pig-tail" days at the orphanage, being adopted, being introduced to the world and finally into her own feature in Adventure Comics after the "Legion" series ended, and through a couple of solo-titles. And all the way up to the pont that DC killed her off in "Crisis" (something I thought was totally unnecessary and just something to do to attract readers to the series).

But, naturally, old characters that are popular are hard to dispose of in any comic's "universe" and I figured she'd be back eventually. And, sure enough, John Byrne brought her back in Superman V2 a few years later in the form of Matrix. But, that's when the story of Supergirl began getting pretty confusing. She's this changling-type alien sent to Earth to aid Superman, and her powers are somewhat different. She has just a slew of appearances before DC deemed her worthy for her own title again. (For a while there she even used her changling powers to disguise herself as "Clark Kent".)

Then when she does get a book again, the meld her with Linda Danvers (trying to recapture her original secret I.D.), and she goes through yet more transformations as one of the "Earth's Angels", etc., etc. It's the sort of title that you really have to know some of the history of her before the title began to know what the devil's going on with the heroine. You have to know about her fling with Luthor and be able to straighten out that whole mess in your mind.

But...anyway...currently I have a full set except for, I think, 4 issues of the 80 issue plus 2 Annuals run and am re-reading the whole thing from the beginning and will more than likely give a review here sometime in the fairly near future of the entire series, right up to the point that she's sort of taken out of the DC Universe altogether to make room for yet another current version which was introduced in the Superman/Batman series of late and now has her featured once again in a new title.


At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HATE it when a dead character is brought back to life whether it is Supergirl, Barry Allen, Iron Man, or whoever. Once you have the body verified as being dead, bury them and move on. After all, not all the best characters have already been done. That was one reason I think Strikeforce Moratori was so good. You knew those dead heros were not coming back and I liked that. A lot. Life goes on. Bury them and move on. Period.

At 5:34 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

I don't mind a comic company bringing back a dead character when there's no pretence that it's not the same character. With the '96 DC Supergirl series, it was made pretty evident from the get-go that she wasn't the silver-age "Kara". But, you're right. I hate it when a character (such as "Aunt May" from Spider-man, for example)is supposed to be "dead" and then revived in a new series.


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