Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Okay....I'm Awake!"

Gee, I guess I really outta blog something today. My posts sometimes seem more weekly than ever, but this has been one of those "up-in-the-air" sort of weeks when other issues have just seemed so much more important.

It began really a week ago last Thursday (the 12th.) when my wife discovered that her father's cancer had returned. Scans showed about 5" of it in his lower bowels. Now, naturally, this upset everyone because he'd fought one bout of cancer a few years back and it had gone into regression. Plus, my wife's mom died of cancer 6 years ago on Jan. 1st.,2000.

Finally, after a week in the hospital and many tests later, it showed that at least the cancer hadn't spread any further, and my father-in-law is back home now for a few weeks to recover before he'll have to go to Louisville for an operation. I'd like to say all of our hopes are high, never knows what the future will bring.

Then, my own father had to go have a scan of HIS lower bowels as well because he'd lost yet another 6 lbs. since his last checkup. Personally, I think the reason "why" he's lost this weight is due to simply not eating enough. The man's 85 years old and at that age doesn't have that big an appetite. Being inside and frail, this Winter he naturally doesn't expend a whole lot of energy and thus isn't as hungry, so he eats 1/2 a sandwich and says, "He's full!" I guess so. When you don't eat as much the stomach tends to shrink and that's all it takes to fill one up, and so, the weight loss. But the results still aren't in from that test yet, so, once again, we just don't know anything.

Then, of all things, I come down with some virus or walking pneumonia or something another that's made me quite ill this week. I worked on it anyway (except for coming home for 1/2 a day for some extra rest) and pulled 8 days straight without a full day off. Of course, from all of this I was pretty beat. Too tired and sick to get up on the roof this weekend to check out yet another leak over the bathroom or even go get a new tire for my car; both of which is needed to be done. This morning, in fact, I took cold medicine, then a big dose of Expectorant perhaps too close together and was groggy for hours. So much so I had to go lay back down for a couple of hours just to clear my head. Only now is my mind clearing back up with over 1/2 the day gone.'s just been one of dem weeks.


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