Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Late October"

After being disapointed with seeing The Ultimate Avengers first animated flick, I wasn't so sure I wanted to see the second one. But recently Cartoon Network showed it and with nothing really better to do, I watched. I surprized that it was so much better than the first.

Differences aside from The Avengers of which I grew up with (and noted of what I did or didn't like in that flick in a previous post), this second one was okay. For one thing, Thor was played down from being nothing more than an ale guzzling chump. A more spiritual side was shown to the character, and it was more in keeping with his "old-English-speaking-self" that I read probably all of in the 1960's. More of his godly nobility was shown.

The Hulk was also down-played and Bruce Banner's keen scientific mind amped. What was shown of The Hulk was used well.

And that's about all I can comment on regarding that without releasing any spoilers for those who might not have seen it yet and care to.

Picked up three new comics this week. For a change, one was (speak of the devil) a Marvel: Hulk 99. Looks like I stepped right into the middle of a storyline with the character being on some alien planet. Seems The Hulk, also, has a more logical mind these days. Interesting to read an issue after some time now. The cover really attracted my attention.

Picked up Detective 824, which is also part of a continuing story involving some of Batman's old villians (The Penquin and The Riddler) going straight and making their fortunes "legally". But, you know those two. I'm sure it won't be long until they're bad guys once again.

Also got the current issue of Green Arrow (67, I think), which has Oliver Queen out on this island or some such thing hanging around with an oriental fighting instructor. (Yawn.)

While at an antique mall this week I picked up around 30 cheapies to read, mostly from the 1990's. About half of them were the DC-Milestone titles, such as Icon, Hardware,Deathwish,Blood Syndicate. Even though I find these entertaining enough, I just never really got into the whole Milestone experiment. Save for one title, of course, Xombi, which reads more like something pubbed under the Vertigo banner.

My father-in-law turns 76 today (Happy Birthday, Bill!) Went to see him yesterday and hauled in literally 50 wheelbarrows full of wood for him, and stacked it all up. Pretty stiff and sore today. Went out and raked leaves and hauled them off for a good three hours just to try to work the stiffness out (now my back is hurting). Raking leaves is such a useless task, though, as it's raining leaves so much by the time I finished it looked like the lawn was never touched.


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