Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Reviews, Comments, Yada-Yada"

What?!? Two posts this close together? I've got waaayyy too much time on my hands! But, I did have a few things to mull over and comment about, so...

Personally I think Alan Moore has become too jaded about previous attempts of adapting his work onto the screen. If someone offered to adapt some of my own material and gave it just an iota of the original feeling I had put into the work, I'd be thrilled. Which is why I can't understand how he could have his credit completely removed from the V for Vendetta film (which I viewed recently on DVD).

Scenes from it looked like they jumped right off of the pages from the series, and it was a pretty decent adaptation. Sure, there were some changes made, but I thought those necessary for anyone to relate to the material today (since this was written 20 years ago, since it was first published by D.C. Comics in a regular comic book format, and appeared in serial format before that in a British magazine).

The costuming and makeup was top-notch, the special effects excellant. There's a few draggy parts in this movie, but no more so than the series in places itself.

It didn't have the campiness or just outright bad writing the the "Swamp Thing" flicks had (altho' I think probably that was adapted more from the original ST series), or was it totally re-done to suit the needs of some popular movie star such as in the case of "Hellblazer". Nor was it pretty much all re-written like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". And it was a better, all the way around flick, than "From Hell".

I give this movie an : "A".

Moving right along... Here's something that might interest you to see (since I think I recently mentioned working on a new comic strip). It's the stages of how I do a page.

Sometimes my breakdown ideas get drawn on whatever I have handy; a napkin, paper bag, etc.

It's then broke down into the penciled stage, and finally the finished inks.




And along...Updating aside, The Legion of Super-Heroes animated series is pretty good, or at least this first episode that I've gotten to finally see, was, as they go back in time to get Super(boy)Man and bring him to the future to help battle The Fatal Five. I find it's style somewhere between the other animated DC stuff and Japanese animation, making a good balance. Characters are redsigned a bit, but not so much so that they are unrecognizable. Also watched The Batman episode which followed. This new season looks much better as they've finally eliminated that "pointed chin" look and added Dick Grayson (today he was adopted by Wayne and became Robin after his parent's death at the circus).


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