Monday, July 10, 2006

"The Catch-Up"

Two days ago, my mom fell once more in the hallway of her house. She hit her hand and that night I was down visiting and noticed it had swelled considerably. I asked her if it hurt and she said, "yes", so I told her if it was still hurting today she'd best see the doctor about it.

Sure enough, she had broken her left hand, and tomorrow will be getting a splint on it. Although she said it hurt somewhat, I think she's more aggravated than anything because she's left-handed (the hand she broke). Anyway, she's taking my advice now and will be using, at least, her cane while walking.

I went down there today and mowed their yard for a good hour or better until the rain began. At least I got the back and the trim around all the trees, bushes, edges of the house and shop,etc. finished before the rain began. Now all dad will have to do is mow the flat areas with his riding lawn mower.

Finished up the rest of my own lawn as well a couple days back for another week or so. Also painted more on the garage and got up on the house and primmed/painted some new wood that had been added during the recent reshingling. Noticed an area I need to have the shingler come back and add some metal "flashing" to, plus I retarred a few old areas that appeared to need it.

The old wood on part of the one side of the old garage isn't going to take paint, so I'll probably have to put some more pieces of plywood over the that and then I can just repaint it with a roller. There's still plenty of outside painting left to do, as well as repairing some old wood in the back of the house, plus enclosing the screened-in back porch before I can seriously attack the interior. I want to start with the entrance way and repaint every area of wood inside. Thus far, I've got the interior door/windows and edging, but not the side/inside windows, & not that side of the door.

The living room trim work is pretty much done, having been repainted when we hired a painter to do the walls, but the dining room needs about all of it repainted save one of the 80" windows that I did just last week.

Then it'll be the bedroom window, doors and trim work, the bathroom (save for one door there also that I've already done), and the kitchen, and finally the pc room. The back storage room looks fine as does the utility room, so those I believe I can pass on.

Other "things" that'll eventually get done are shelves built into the inset doorway (that's closed off for use) in the bathroom, so I can rid us of the mobile ones over the commode, then redoing drop ceilings in the bathroom, dining room and entrance way. Oh yeah...I still have to repour the front sidewalk.

But it'll all get done "in time", as I stay busy with my folk's chores and my father-in-laws' well. In fact, Wednesday I need to go to see my father-in-law and mow HIS yard for him, plus some other stuff.

Time can be a difficult thing to obtain. At work I haven't had but two full days off in three weeks. That I'll get tomorrow and Wednesday, at last.

In other news...

I finally got tired of looking at all these comic book duplicates I had stacked around the pc room, plus paperbacks and hardcovers, etc., so I sold everything to one dealer as a lot and got them out of here. I then moved the secondary comic collection in here to organize the boxes, which I've got about 1/2 finished. I'll reinvest the $ I received from those books BACK into my collection, naturally. Got in one new silver-age comic I'd won on auction: a copy of Adventure 354, which is a Legion of Super-Heroes app. from 1967.

This was one of my favorite Legion stories where the grown-up Superman goes to visit the ADULT LOSHs and we discover which ones had died, gotten married and all. (I consider this issue an important key in the SA history of this team.)

I also won a full set of the DC bronze-age title, Black Lightning (#'s 1 thru 11), produced during a time when both DC and Marvel introduced many ethenic characters, several of which are still around today. Like "Black Goliath"(just called "Goliath", I believe, currently), "Vixen", "Luke Cage Hero For Hire". Not all were African-America types though. These companies gave use both Native American and Asian characters, too. If the 1960's was the era of creation for these companies, the 1970's were at least (perhaps) the era of enlightenment.

And in one week (7/17) I'll turn 55 and will be eligable for A.A.R.P. suppliment health benefits. (So...move over Paul McCartney.)


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