Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Election Day"

And it's Election Day, so, if you please, go out there and use your freedom to vote. But just remember that if you don't want to vote, you have that freedom as well. It's America, my friends, and that choice is entirely up to you.

Here in Southern, KY., the local t.v. channels have been flooding everyone with political ads, of course. They all promice something better than the other guy. It makes little difference. Come the next term up for the same office there'll be people bashing whoever go in that office in the first place.

People saying they'll submit an honorable way to end the war. No such animal. There is NO honorable way of getting out of this mess, and there is NO candidate with a grand plan or "magic bullet" to solve all of the problems our country faces. When it comes to voting, it's more of a matter of the lesser of the evils.

Next presidential election, everyone's saying that we'll have a Democrat in office; that's probably true. But it may not be any better. Their solutions to national problems are no more effective than the ones offered by The Republicans. In this country the office of the presidency takes turns every 4 or 8 years depending on how fed-up everyone is with the person in the oval office and his policies.

Who's to blaim? Why...WE are, of course. We only allow a two party system, really. We only allow those who are wealthy to become president. We go along with their policies because we don't pay any attention to what's actually going on in Washington. In general we allow just about any amount of power be given to a select few, just as long as it doesn't upset the applecart of our daily muldane existence, and then bitch about the consequences we have to face on down the line. And we loudly suggest corruption, and conspiracy, and grasp at sraws like a drowning man when the "other party" throws a dark horse up there suggesting we give him this land's highest political office, even if we know absolutely nothing about him, just because he's something different.

This would be laughable...if it wasn't so true.

It's Election Day. Think about your choices wisely.


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