Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Yeah, yeah...I know..."

They cat ate my blog! I figure that's a good enough reason to explain "why" I haven't posted lately. Truth is I've just been too damn busy with, you know, the lesser important things in life...like family and work and all than to take time to ramble on about the really essential things like movies and comic books. Shoot! I don't have to eat. And the bills don't have to get paid. My wife and I will just live in a tent. We'll beat the dirt out of our clothes down at the ol' crick. We'll go on welfare (like 3/4's of the rest of the country.)

Nope, the fact is that we're having some serious health problems with members of our family and the time that we're not dealing with that, which is little, we just have other things that's gotta be done. But---I didn't want a whole month to slip by and not have at least something posted...so here it is. I do promise a decent blog post when time will allow.


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