Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Vernal Equinox"

"When a small planet enters into a collision course with Earth, giant, starfish-like aliens come to harn the humans. Their appearance causes worldwide panic, making it difficult for them to deliver the message. When they finally do, they commission a scientist to develope a bomb to destroy the planet, but the bomb is stolen by a rogue group who intend to use it for their own purposes."

Or so went the plot of the 1956 Japanese sci-fi flick, "Warning From Space".

So...why the post of a DVD box jacket and the cover the DC The Brave & The Bold #28 (1960)? I think the answer is pretty obvious. I've always wondered where some of the great ideas for various comic book stories came from during the Silver-Age, and I believe that just maybe Mr. Gardner Fox might have seen that B-Movie which inspired him to use such a creature to battle "The Justice League of America" in their first debute adventure. The flick certainly would have had enough time to have reached the states from 1956 to 1960. Maybe one boring weekend day, Mr. Fox decided to take in a movie in the downtown of the Big Apple just to kill some time. Perhaps it was playing on a "double-bill" (as so many flicks as that sort did back then), and afterwards he just sort of stored the idea in the back of his mind for a while. Who know? Maybe I'm way off on that. Just seems like it could have happened.

And, here it is on the first day of Spring...technically speaking. Okay...so that's tomorrow. You see, Spring doesn't officially begin until around 7:PM CST, so the day's actually towards the night by then. (Welcome, Spring! You're way overdue.)

Bought a new DC comic today, Justice League of America ("speak of the Devil") #6, and noticed a price hike to $3.50 a copy. Wasn't sure if other DC titles were to follow suit, but a friend mentioned they had just done the price increase for that particular issue since it was the conclussion of the first story arc and just the right amount of pages to be reprinted in trade paperback format.


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