Saturday, July 28, 2007


I should really learn better than to be a Good Samaritan. Back last Thursday after I got home from work around 6:P.M., I noticed water seaping out from under the blacktop in front of my house, and running in a pretty steady little stream down my sidewalk gutter. So first thing I do is pop the top off my own water meter to make sure I didn't have a water leak, and when I saw it wasn't on my side, I figured it was coming off the main line. I find the emergency number for the local water company and called them to report the problem, and one of the workers came by a little bit later and decided it wasn't too bad to wait until Friday to repair.

And Friday when I came home I found one of the biggest messes one could expect; mud literally five inches thick stopping up my sidewalk gutter, along with much gravel and chunks of the blacktop just everywhere! It was such a mess that I worked another two hours trying to clean that up then, and two more hours today until I was satisfied that a rain or two would eventually clean it up. I took a shovel and a large, old cooler and put the cooler on a hand track and went down to the end of the gutter in front of my neighbor's place and scoopped at least 100 lbs. of red clay mud from there, hauling it to the back where I have a brush pile to dump it. Then I used all of the excess gravel and rock to fill in my own driveway where the water company trucks had made large ruts. I was pretty darn filthy from this job, and looked like one of my own cartoon characters ("That Krazy White MUD-Man!"*heh*)

When I first noticed the problem on Thursday night, there was a large amount of water standing so I scooped that into buckets and watered my flowers, thinking, "Hey! Free water!" But I used probably four times that much or more when I had to wash down the mess!

But, anyway... Got in a copy of Plastic Man #64 today from 1956; one I'd won for less than four bucks from an eBay auction due to it having the first page missing (pictured ABOVE). Didn't stop me from enjoying it, though! What a great comic and character! Had three different Plas stories plus a solo "Woozy Winks". Interesting is the fact that it was the last issue published by Quality in the 1950's (cover dated 11/1956), and had a sci-fi cover where Plastic Man battles "Invisible Raiders". Plas didn't make another comic book appearance until 1963-64 when Super Comics reprinted some Jack Cole stories, then in a main stream company book until DC did an app. in House of Mystery #160 (1965), and then a 10 issues series by DC in 1966-68.

Went by the local flea markets this morning, but it was just the "same ol' same ol'" at those. Actually stopped by the inside flea market for the first time in maybe three months to look around for a minute. Same old crap as aways, so I didn't get anything at either of them.

But while I was at the next door "Dollar Store" to purchase a new water hose (Oh? Did I forget to mention my old hose exploded when I was washing all of the mess away??), I noticed they had some Superman action figures on sale for $3. each. Got one from the "Superman Returns" called Heat Vision Superman (you press the chest emblem and his eyes light up bright red), plus a figure of "Darkseid" from the "Justice League Mission Vision" series.

Washed a couple loads of clothes, cleaned up around the house, went to the grocery, and was so tired I fell asleep for 2-1/2 hrs.

So went my Saturday off.


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