Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"NEW Comic Book Reviews"

Looks like all of the new comics I'm reviewing this time around are all DC titles with the exception of one. Here they go in alphabetical order:

ALL FLASH #1 is sort of an in betweener to connect the last issue of The Flash v3, and back to continuity in numbering from the first volume. The relates how "Bart" (i.e., "Impulse"), who took up The Flash mantle after Wally West gave it up, died and the events leading up to it, as well as the punishment for those responsible. I considered it an "okay' read, myself, and give it a "B+".

ALL STAR SUPERMAN #8 continues the story where he's stuck on the square "Bizarro World" and attempting to get back to Earth. As much as I am a fan of both the Bizarros AND Grant Morrison, there's not a whole lot of substance to this story and Frank Nicely's artwork doesn't quite save it. This gets a "C".

BRAVE & THE BOLD, (The) #'s 4 &5, have stories with Batman (naturally), and also Lobo, Supergirl, Adam Strange, The Fatal 5 and The Legion of Super-Heroes. As usual, George Perez does an outstanding job on the artwork, but I personally prefer seeing his pencils inked with a bit finer line (such as on "Crisis" or the early issues of "New Teen Titans"). Mark Waid does a good enuff job of writing this series, but it's nothing spectacular. "B Minus".

JLA CLASSIFIED #40 is the on-going tale of "Kid Amazo", and Milligan and D'ana do a fine job on the story and artwork. I haven't been too impressed by previous issues of this title, but this one was pretty good, especially the battle between Kid Amazo and Batman. I give it an "A".

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #8 continues to sport those beautiful Alex Ross covers, this time of "Liberty Belle". Geoff Johns shows he can still write an entertaining comic book, and Pasarin/Ramos artwork suits the Golden-Age DC characters. We learn a lot about Liberty Belle's past and training, with the added treat of "Johnny Quick". Give this book an "A".

SIMPSONS' SUPER SPECTACULAR #5 is the only one of this lot NOT pubbed by DC, but by Bongo, and by far the best of the bunch. The lead in story is pretty good having a ray hit Bart and Homer causing them to "switch ages", but the back up is the best of this comic as it has "Radioactiveman" battling a parody of "Metamorpho" and with artwork by RAMONA FRADON! Give this mammy-jammer an "A+"!

SUPERGIRL #20. Well, to be honest, I missed both #'s 18 & 19 here lately because I hadn't gotten back to my book store due to family matters of a couple months past, but I'll certainly be on the lookout for those back issues now with Renato Guedes doing the artwork. I could ignore the whole story just to look at his artwork since he does such a realistic effort on the figures. Supergirl never looked better to me, having grown tired of the slick Mike Turner/Jim Lee-styles they've drawn her in before; but the story by Bedard wasn't half bad either, with the "War Against the Amazons" thingy going on. I'll give it an "A" for effort.

TEEN TITANS GO! #45. Damn those little cameos of "The Doom Patrol" snuck into a comic that I don't regularly buy! Well...the art's okay (for "what it is"), and the story's entertaining in a simplier sort of way. It features two stories which are retelling of the origins of both "Beast Boy" AND "Cyborg". I can't really rate this comic being a DC/t.v. deal and aimed at younger viewers, but I'm sure it's perfect for what audience it's aimed towards.


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