Friday, February 29, 2008

"The Once Every 4 Years Post"

I suppose I really ought to post "something" on this blog today. After all, the opportunity to post on February 29th. only comes around once every four years. And, who knows? Maybe this would be my only chance. Maybe I won't be able to post anything 4 years from now. The future is always uncertain, and life is fragile.

In fact, I may not have a whole lotta time to post anything at all this coming week as I have to work every day until next weekend. The boss and his wife are going out west on a buying spree for the store, and due to lack of extra help I'll have to occasionally work in the wholesale department checking out their customers. Since I'm the only one they deemed extra to train on their checkout registers, that means I'll have to be at work each day for the next seven days (eight, counting the one I worked today). So, not a whole lot of extra time there to do anything except work this week.

And there's nothing new for me to report today. No more of my current wins from on line auctions came in today. Nothing in the mail at all today. Just a drab ol' rainy day here in S-Central, Ky., with temp's in the mid 40's.

Well...there IS one thing I could mention. My boss has this mini-strip mall located next to the store, which has housed businesses of one sort or another off-and-on for years, but has mostly remained empty for the last year or better. Now a salvage/over-stock store is moving in that'll be open in a couple of weeks, which looks fairly interesting and something I for certain want to look around in just as soon as they do open for business. It's over-stock from stores such as Target, and there won' be any clothing articles. Just knick-knacks and paddywacks. Never can tell what I might find there.

It's still too cold and rainy for the outside flea markets to open here locally for the season. Maybe give that another month yet. I've seen a few diehards sitting up at times on the weekends, but not much and I haven't personally stopped by to look since sometime last Autumn.

And tomorrow is March the 1st. Time flies, and the first three months of the year always, to me, just jet on by...which is fine as I'm also looking forward to some warmer temperatures.

We did finally get an estimate on replacing ceiling tiles in this old place in the dining room, entranceway and bathroom. Something like $1200-$1300 including the labor. It's up to my wife to make that decision, however, as the money that'd be used is from her inheritance and I don't have anything to say about it. Don't want to. Don't look upon that as "my place" to say how her money is spent. If she wants to do it, that's fine. If she wants to look around for maybe someone cheaper, then that's fine as well. The material cost is from $800-$900 alone since we'll be covering around 1,300 sq. feet, but the labor, from $500-$600 for two day's work, does in deed sound a bit steep. But it would for certain improve the looks of this house.

One thing we definately want to do is put new shingles on the other side of the back of the house where we didn't get to from that hail storm damage from a couple of years back. We have a leak over the kitchen area that'll have to be stopped before it screws up the plasterboard ceiling. And we want to make sure we have enough still left to pay for it. If we could get back the, supposed, government rebate early enough, then there'd be no ploblem covering all of these costs. But who knows when THAT will arrive?

(And so, my friends, thus ends February, 2008.)


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