Thursday, February 21, 2008


Watched the total lunar eclipse last night. Our skies were crystal clear with a full moon and I can always watch the moon rise from my kitchen window, so I didn't even have to step outside in the cold to see it.

The eclipse began about 7:45 P.M. CST, and lasted until about 10 P.M. Pretty spectacular, and there won't be another such until 2010.

Looking at the night skies always gets me waining about how huge this universe really is, with the consideration that each of the stars are suns, and even our closet next star, Alpha Centauri (which is actually a system of three stars) is 25.8 trillion miles away from us! And there are billions... trillions+ of stars, many much older than our sun and some younger, and many quite larger.

Scientists once thought that the fuzzy stars were ones that were so far away they couldn't be properly seen, until new telescopes proved that it wasn't just a single star at all, but another whole galaxy far, far away.

Our center...just goes on and on and on...and even the combind light from all of the countless stars is but a tiny gleem in the eye of God.

Speaking of space...I hear that The Navy hit a "bullseye" on bringing down that decaying-orbit satellite. In fact, no pieces of it were found larger than a football!

I awoke this morning to a clear sky, but as I sat in the parking lot to listen to the radio for a few minutes before time to open up the store where I work, it began a light rain. Within an hour this turned into ice and made the day very trecherous for motorists here in South-Central, Kentucky. I-65 was closed for a stretch of around 100 miles, and numberous accidents were reported. Ice covered my car and windows 1/8" thick, as was covered the sidewalks and entrance ways. I scraped, and swept, and used probably 2/3rd.'s of a bag of salt to clear them.

It was so bad, in fact, that I thought I'd have to just spend the night there, but by 4:30 my boss told me to close the store due to the small number of people traveling about, and by that time the county had the roads in pretty decent shape. So, I had no problems making it home tonight.

My mother and my aunt, however, are stuck near Indianapolis where they went to attend the funeral of my cousin (their neice). They left on Monday to stay with their younger sister who lives up there and are now unable to get back home due to ice, which is being covered presently with a snow storm, and probably they won't even attempt to return until Staurday at the earliest.

Won a copy of the DC-Vertigo Shade, the Changing Man #62 today, which was the only issue I needed to complete a full set of the 70 issues. The original bronze-age series ran 8 issues---9, counting the one in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade. There was also an appearance of the character in Suicide Squad #16. Since I have a full set of the original series, as well as a copy of the CCC, AND the SS issue, this now gives me pretty much a complete set of appearances of this character (unless someone knows an odd one somewhere I've missed). It's nice now to put that set behind me and move onto completing another title. (Issues #'s 42-44 of the Vertigo series are of interest with app.'s of "John Constantine".)


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