Friday, July 18, 2008

"Post No. 524"

"IT'S NEW TO ME: Comic Book Reviews:

Batman #'s 609-611 (DC/2004/ the first three installments in that title of the "Hush" storyline), were very good. I wasn't sure if I'd like Jim Lee's version of the "caped crusader", but he seemed to be able to nail him fairly well. Jeph Loeb writing also seemed to capture the essence of "Alfred", "Poison Ivy" and "The Huntress", and the new Hush character is one of the better creations to come out of the DCU. :^D

Batman #210 (DC/1969) which is just a nice old silver-age issue I picked up, starring the "Catwoman", is sort'a hookey compared to the stories currently being written, but still has that charm which kept me loving comics back then. This issue has Catwoman recruiting fellow female inmates to help battle Batman, and, of course, dresses them all up in cat-like costumes. Classic Neal Adams cover = Great fun! X^D

New Universal #1 (Marvel/2007/2nd.Print w/new cover) written by Warren Ellis, is a title I need to read more copies of I'm sure to better appreciate. From what I gather of the story, something occurs which causes this "white out" at night, and those who witness it are killed. This causes quite a dilemma for one young guy in particular who was dating the police chief's daughter when she ends up dead while they'd snuck out on a date. Right now I'd give it a :^D, but I'm sure that'd be a higher rating as I read more into the story.

Ex Machina #'s 1 & 8 (Wildstorm/2005), deals with a man who gets the power to control machines, and ends up as the mayor of NYC. For a while he turns super-hero, then reveals his "secret I.D." as he gets into politics. I'm not sure if I like this title "that much"; haven't read enough issues yet, but so far, so good. :^)

The Programme #1 (Wildstorm/2007) written by Peter Milligan with C.P. Smith artwork, is one of the better reads this time, Peter Milligan's work I've always liked, and the artwork by Smith is outstanding. Dealing with the time after the cold war when the U.S. has become the major world power, but Russia still has an ace up their sleeves with a being capable of unbelievable destruction. More issues, please! X^D

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #2 (Marvel/2006), is one of those titles I'd just as well not read further than the single issue. Henry Pym isn't the Ant-Man in this series, and I miss the old corney costume too much to like this title. Most of this particular issue, the hero tries to find his way out of the ventilation systems of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helecraft, which ends up being destroyed and we end the tale with a pretty pissed-off Nick Fury. IF I had other issues, I'd read them, but it's nothing I'd go out of my way to get. :^\

(And so ends a few comments on some recent acquisitions.)

I've got a slew of modern comics (70+) that I won cheap on an auction that'll be here "sooner or later" as well. They include such things as a run of Hawkman/Hawkgirl 40-59, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V2, Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters 1-3, The Wintermen, and others (mostly, I think, DC, but some from other companies as well) that I'll filter thru and decide what deserves opions (eventually). From what I can tell of that lot I'll have several duplicates, but maybe still a good 50+ comics I've never read (or just don't currently have around here).

I've won several auctions lately, and some pretty dirt cheap simply because it's a buyer's market, especially on eBay. A lot of people out of work, many can't afford to bid, which makes it good for those that can afford it. Not that I can afford everything I see, but I can afford some good deals. And really, comics are about my only vices these days in the way of cheaper entertainment if I can infact find them in lot deals.


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