Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Post No. 517"

A SHORT REVIEW OF: Wormwood the Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer trade paperback collection, IDW Publications, 2008, written and illustrated by Ben Templesmith, collecting the original limited series.

"Wormwood" (the name is from a reference in the Biblical book Revelation, written by St. John) is certainly a character not meant for everyone to enjoy. He's actually a worm who inhabits and animates a well-dressed corpse, and has a couple of buddies, one of which ("Trotsky") closely resembles occultist Guido Von List.

This character and his entourage investigate a case where a demon has left a wake of mutilated corpses, all of which had been "seeded" (much like in the "Aleins" films), causing them to burst apart with NEW destructive creatures.

It's gory, a bit nasty, and fun as hell for those who are into this sort'a dark and goth-type of humor, but nothing meant for the whole family (unless perhaps you have an uncle named "Fester").

Templesmith is well-known for his painted graphics and made quite a hit previously on the series "30 days of Night" of which was made into a so-so alright horror flick.

Definately a PG collection. :^D


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