Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Post No. 513"


New Rating System:

X^D = Best book I've read this week.

:^D = Not the "very" best book I've read this week, but really good.

:^) = Entertaining enuff for the cover price.

:^\ = Worth about 1/2 of the cover price to read.

X^( = Crap.

Fantastic Four (Marvel) #557 The team of Millar and Hitch doing this title suits me fine. Hitch's artwork has a lot of realism and detail, and usually Millar's scripts are pretty fast paced. The story this issue was just a tad too fast-paced however in the battle scene. The next issue promises better with the return of "Dr. Doom"./$2.99 :^D

Futurama Comics (Bongo) #37 The usual kraziness of the Groening creation. Each issue is always full of some silliness, where in this one it begins with the Futurama gang being chased by a living planet which resembles a "Pac-Man". As usual there's plenty of larceny by "Bender"./$2.99 :^D

Giant-Size Incredible Hulk (Marvel) #1Entertaining enuff tale of a reporter, writing a book about the misunderstood Hulk, and his adventure while going around interviewing other people who have had "close encounters" with the jade one. Nice reprint in the back of the issue from HULK ANNUAL #7(1978) featuring "The Angel & iceman" with John Byrne artwork from his prime period./$3.99 :^)

Hulk VS Hercules (Marvel) #1one-shot I think I liked the way Hercules was portrayed in this one-shot better than I did The Hulk, but there is a nice silver-age reprint from Tales to Astonish #79 (w/Bill Everett artwork) as a backup./$3.99 :^)

Justice League of America (DC) #21 in which an old adversary of "The Martian Manhunter" called "The Human Flame" is invited to join the newest version of "The INJustice League". Not the usual good quality I've come to expect from this title./$2.99 :^\

Marvel Spotlight: HULK Movie one-shot (no #) is pretty much just a waste of time unless you're really into The Hulk./$3.99 X^(

Supergirl (DC) #29 Continues to be pretty well written and illustrated, but there's just not enuff "meat" to the current storyline and it reads way too fast./$2.99 :^)


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