Friday, August 01, 2008

"Post No. 528"

REVIEWING: Mouse Guard 1152, by David peterson, 2007 hardcover, Approx. 190 pages, collecting the 2005 "Mouse Guard" series. Archaia Press, $24.95

This is one beautiful package! It's a book that can be enjoyed by one of every age, and, in truth, Peterson has created a mythology that in time could progress to the status of a classic such as the Wind In The Willows, or the various tales of Beatrix Potter.

Set in the mid 1100's, this tells about how mice, IF they had the reasoning abilities of humans, would live and survive in a world where all else is a giant. There they create a guard which protects the mice villages, transports supplies back and forth between those, and perform the various occupations which is necessary for maintaining a civilized community.

In this first collection the story revolves around locating a traitor amoung The Guard with delusions of grandeur, wishing to take over all of mousedom who has taken the name of one of their most legendary heroes, "The Black Axe" (a warrior who trained the original Guard).

The main characters in this are "Kenzie", "Saxon" and "Liean", members of The Guard. These three attempt to locate a merchant which has disapeared along the road to the villiage, only to encounter batles with snakes and crabs (the size of behemoths, to them), and eventually they run into the real "Black Axe" who joins their quest to rid them of the "imposter traitor". They do so after a great battle, but as usual, not with a great price.

It's a finely crafted tale and should be a must read for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy adventure. I couldn't recommend it any higher. X^D

(Coming Soon...a review of Blake Bell's The World of Steve Ditko.)


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