Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Post No. 536"

Okay, Warren're off the hook! Today my regular comic shop had one of its "sidewalk sales days" and with 20% off all items within the store, so in back issues I found copies of Transmetropolitan #'s 25, 26, 31, as well as the TPB collection: Tales of Human Waste.

I really wanted a copy of the Vertigo-DC comic, Winter's Edge #2, which had an odd "Spider Jerusalem" story in it, but with none to be found I opted for this collection which has it along with both of the Transmetropolitan Specials reprinted in it. So now when my set of Transmetropolitan #'s 26 thru 30, 32 thru 60, and the first four volumes of Transmetropolitan TPBs (which reprint issues 1 thru 24) come in, I'll have virtually every one of the stories and I can sit down and read them all in order. (And, I'll probably review all of them, maybe 10 issues at a time, until everyone who reads this blog gets really bored of it.) So, unless you wanna send me originals of the ones I don't have, Mr. Ellis..... (*heh*, again).

And while I was at the comic shop, looking at some really nice old silver age adorning their walls, I was realllllyyy tempted to buy a copy of Weird Science-Fantasy that had the UFO on the cover. Probably will kick myself for not doing so. In fact, I really didn't buy much at all save for the proverbial boards and bags I needed. I did find a copy of Marvel Super-heroes #33 which gives me a straight run of 1 thru 74 complete (#'s 1-11 Fantasy Masterpieces), Supergirl 32 (missed 30 & 31 somehow), copies of the Joe Kubert Tales of the Green Beret newspaper reprints (Vol.'s 2 & 3 , for a buck each), and out of the quarter boxes, Ultimate Spider-man 56-58 (Bendis and Bagley, of course). They had several back issues of DC's The Spirit that I needed, but passed on them. May stop buying that. (I enthusiasm for that title has mostly vanished.)

And before I left to go to the sale, I had a guy come by and give me an estimate on rewiring this old house. We settled on a price and he'll start on it in a couple of weeks. It's something that's really needed doing since we bought this house over 7 years ago. Of course, back at that time we could have gotten it done at about 35% of what current estimates cost had we'd been able to afford it then.

We've also decided to drywall the ceiling in the bathroom rather than put in new ceiling tiles.

And here it is with over half of August over and that just doesn't seem right. Stores are already starting to put out Halloween "stuff". Before long it'll be Labor Day, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year will be shot all to Hell. ("Time do fly".)


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