Monday, August 25, 2008

"Post No. 541"

Well...I finally did something that makes me feel very old today. My wife and I went down to the local courthouse and picked out plot sites for ourselves at the local cemetary. Not that we hope we will use them for another good 30 years, but it's something as we grow older one does have to think about and one less hassle for a family member.

I also got Power of Attorney for mom and got her Living Will and all taken care of, plus stopped by the local Home Health Center to get that started so she'll have someone to keep an eye on her "when" she gets out of the nursing home.

(Sometimes it sucks to be an adult.)

"In other news"..., for my last book I need to finish my enrolement requirements and pledged books to purchase thru the Sci-Fi Book Club, I've order a copy of Jungle Girl TPB (which reprints 1-5). I've heard a lot about that series and have always wanted to read a few of them, and this looked like the easiest and best way to do so.

Had a bid on a large lot (40+ issues) of Marvel's Civil War series, but finally got out-bidded on them. This was something I had a passing interest on, but not enough for me to initally try to collect. Thought that might be an easy way to acquire them as well, but someone simply wanted them more than I did, so...

And, anyway, if I really want to read one of those over-hyped series I'd more than likely look for a full run of DC's Countdown, simply because I'm more of a DC fan these days. I really enjoyed their 52 title, and from what I've read about Countdown it looks like that'd be more up my alley, reading enjoymentwise.

And we finally got some rain here today in S-Central, KY.! The first half-ass decent one in at least a month. I personally haven't mowed either my own yard or my mom's for three weeks or so due to this drought; everything seems dead and brittle even to walk on, and about all I've done to either yard is mulch up some of the dead leaves that are already falling or use the weed-eater on the weeds (which never seem to cease growing even if Earth fell into The Sun). The grass seed I've sown recently has already began coming up and I've been watering it every day so this should help that tremendously. In fact, rain is predicted for on-and-off the next three days. 'Could be a very wet Autumn to make up for the dry Summer.

I have several things to review here soon. Such as the Hawkman/Hawkgirl series from DC (#'s 40 thru 59), and movies: Batman The Dark Knight, the latest Indiana Jones, etc., as time permits and I wade thru it all.


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