Friday, September 26, 2008

"Post No. 552"

Found 4 more J. T. Chick Tracts I didn't have today, which (counting a half a dozen foreign editions) makes around 85 of them in my collection now. After taking my mom to the doctor today I went by Waldenbooks to get some new comics, but they didn't have anything that I normally buy, plus most of the new stuff is a whoppin' $3.99 now. (Guess my days of buying just right off the stand are over at that price.) In fact, I had a 30% off coupon to use if I bought $10. worth and was going to pick up the current Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide with that, but went away empty-handed.

Today was the day my mom was supposed to have her stomach scoped to see how well the recent stapling took after she had that bleeding artery. We got up at 4:45 A.M. to drive the 50 miles as the test was scheduled early and the place we had to travel to was an hour ahead of us. When we got there and she finally got back in the examination room, they discovered her heart beat was abnormally high. Too high, in fact, to do the procedure, and instead sent her over to a heart specialist to examine her. He discover one ailment (due mostly to her age) and a slightly closed valve, and wanted to put her back in the hospital for a few days up there. But mom protested and he finally gave her medication to try to regulate this problem and told her to get some blood work done at our local hospital and have that faxed back to him.

Finally arriving home around noon, I took her to the hospital for the blood work after she'd eaten and taken the medication. Then, around 3P.M., I get a phone call from the heart doctor who wanted her to RE-give the blood work because the medication he'd given her had caused abnormal readings (grrrrrr). So...tomorrow she'll have to go have that done again, and then I'll have to take her back to the heart doctor next Tuesday for 5 hours of testing at his office. And she'll eventually have to have that stomach rescoped when they get all of that fixed.

In other news...sometimes I know I get a little political on this blog, but I try not to be bias towards one candidate or another. As far as I'm concerned, they BOTH stink of big money and empty promises, and yet again, another election where the voters have little choice but to decide which candidate is a lesser evil, or simply not vote at all. But there's one guy that blogs...No, I won't say "who" but I think many people read his stuff regularly, that just goes out of his way to find bad aspects about the Republican Party and those who belong to it. (In fact, I have a link to his blog.)

To me, it doesn't really matter who gets in; in 4 years, we'll all hate him as well. But I grow tired of, not only him, but everyone else nit-pickin' on items of little or no importance.

One item that's recently urked me is the deal about Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant out of wedlock. I haven't heard a single Democrate stand up and complain about the thousands of unwed mothers drawing welfare checks. Usually their reply is, "Oh, that brave young woman raising a child on her own!" Nor do I hear anyone saying it's shockingwhen some celebrity has a child out of wedlock. In fact, they fight one another to get that first shot of the little bastard to splash all over some tabuloid. To use such tactics as "ammunition" is pretty dirt politics and nothing more than a smear campaign, and they need to channel such energies towards better use for this country, and to plaster it all over the tube for a week is a waste of what little time The Good Lord gives us all .


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