Monday, September 15, 2008

Post No. 548"

Been pretty busy here of late. Between work and taking care of mom it's taken up much of any spare time I may have had, such as today when I took her back for a follow-up visit with her surgeon. Seems that all well. In fact, he told her she could eat anything she wanted. On the way back home I stopped by and got her a Diet Coke (something's she's longed for for the past 6 weeks.) I was right across from Waldenbooks where I usually buy new comics, but didn't stop by there; just didn't want to fight the traffic, plus I was awfully tired from the long trip and all and just wanted to head back home.

I did, however, get in those two lots of misc. books I'd won on a couple of auctions. They were a mixture of a little bit of everything, and totaled around 140 comics, approx. 40 of which were duplication. Even so, from that duplication I was able to upgrade at least 10 comics that were already in my own collection, or kept them due to their being either a newstand or direct version and I had the other (which I'll usually just keep both).

There was around 40+ DC's and a bit more than that of Marvel, plus some bronze age Gold Keys, Harveys, Charlton, and the like. Some of the better comics was a half dozen bronze age DC Teen Titans V1, a Swamp Thing 49, a Marvel Classics Comics #15, a Miller Daredevil, several bronze Thor's, various issues of Aquaman from myriad lmt. series including a V1 #58 (origin issue), a Green Lantern V1 #183 (early John Stewart Green Lantern app.), All-Star (DC) 70 (1st. full app. "The Huntress"), Iron Man, Godzilla, DC Presents, etc., etc. Lots of fun reading material.

Other comics of interest was the first 4 issues of DC's Adam Strange (2004 series), Avatar Publications Stranger Kisses #1 & Wildstorm's Global Frequency #1 (both written by Warren Ellis), American Century #'s 1 & 3 (Vertigo; by Chaykin), The Inhumans #8 (Marvel/1976/Gil Kane & Perez), ...many, many more.

Unfortunately I'm out of both bags and backing boards again, and I think next time I buy any I'll grab 400 of each and maybe that'll last me a while and help me catch up on all of these "free range" comics I have laying around.

In other news...we had some pretty bad winds here a couple of days past and it knocked down a limb from one of our trees that was at least 20 ft. long and probably weighed a good 400 lbs. It knocked down a cable line that went somewhere (not ours), and was a nice little mess for me to discover when I came home from work last night. So I drag out the trusty chain saw, which is electric and can't cut thru anything more than a two or three inch limb, and trim the thing down and drag all of that out to the sidewalk and call the city department which picks up such things, reported the down line to the cable company, rolled the "log" back over onto my property and raked up all the mess, and then this morning finally was able to cut down the rest of the limb and gave the wood to a neighbor who burns such. The mess is now cleaned up save for the city picking up the odd limbs and all looks like it never occured. The fortunate thing about this was that my wife didn't have her van parked over in that area, as it'd probably have smashed in her front windshield.


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