Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Post No. 544"

Yeah, yeah....I know! I was supposed to be giving my review of DC's Hawkgirl #'s 50 thru 59 and still haven't gotten around to it. But, give me a break.

I'm just too tired to get into all of the reasons "why" I really enjoyed those issues (especially #'s 50 thru 56 with the dazzling Howard Chaykin artwork and excellant stories by Walt Simonson). But needless to say, they were all good, even the last three in those numbers that Chaykin didn't illustrate, and I highly recommend them. Sometime I'll probably try to round out that set by picking up the other issues of that title (60 thru 66) that I don't have.

And, I wouldn't be so dang tired had not this been a rather rough Labor Day weekend for me at work (Yes; "some" of us have to work on those days.) In fact, today is the first full day I've had off in about a week, and it certainly wasn't one where I could relax.

Beginning with a fitful night "sleep" which was constantly interrupted by pains from the goute in my foot and my dear, sweet wife constantly hogging the bed, I was awakened at 5:30 A.M. by "Bob" (our cat) wanting me to get up and clean his litter box (always such a delighjtful thing to see and smell first thing out of bed and half asleep) and feed him. I never did get back to sleep. I just sat there on the couch inhaling coffee and watching the 1966 campy "Batman" movie showing on AMC.

Then at 8 A.M. I finally got the energy to start building a handicap ramp for my mother, who will be coming back to her home to live after a stay recupperating in the local nursing home for the past month. She ought be be home by sometime next week.

So I worked on the ramp from 8AM-2PM, and still didn't get it but about half finished, having run out of materials, and this project will have to be completed after I work my usual 8-1/2 hrs. every day this week because I don't have another day off until Saturday.

After finishing what Icould do with that, I then went to the nursing home to visit with her for a little while, helping her fill out checks for her bills, taking those to mail, until at last I came home and sat down for a bit.

When the mail ran today I got in a small lot of comics which included some back issues of The Flash V2 (the "Wally West" series), a few misc. titles written by Warren Ellis, Marvel's The Ultimates #1, and Ultimate Nightmare 1-3, #'s 2 & 3 of DC's 2003 Aquaman series (which I read thru first thing as I'd been curious as to when Aquaman got a "shave and haircut"), and some other stuff.

Also got notification that I won a pretty neat lot of over 100 misc. 70-80's (mostly) comics; one of those surprize lots which I always like 'cause there's usually some fun stuff in them.

In other news...
Isn't the above photo of Boris Karloff nice? A good classic pose from the latter years of his life, and an 8X10 I found for a buck at the local flea market last Saturday.

At age 21, Karloff went to Canada as a farmhand and acted in supporting roles. Came to the U.S. in the 20's and did better as a villian in films. Of course, cast as "The Frankenstein Monster" in his most famous of roles in 1931, he also had much Broadway success in such plays as "Arcenic and Old Lace", and "Peter Pan". He may have been an old co*k$suc*er (as Lugosi, who didn't like him, would call Karloff), but he did make 144 films, plus had an early 60's t.v. show that I always enjoyed called "Thriller".

I'm not sure "which" of the Karloff films is my favorite. Hard to decide with such classics as "The Bride of Frankenstein", and "The Black Cat", and so many, many others I've enjoyed. And..."sorry, Bela"...but I liked more of the Karloff films than I did yours in general.


R.I.P. Jerry Reed. "When you're dead, you're dead, Jerry". I hope you're not "hot" now.


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