Monday, February 02, 2009

Sat down and watched Kevin Smith's Clerks II last night, which is a flick from a couple years past, I know, but one I'd never seen. And you know, I'd like Smith's silliness okay if he'd just quit cramming his DVD's with all of this extra crap that doesn't interest me. I mean, who really needs a 90 minute documentary detailing the making of this stuff?

He says he wants to give the people who buy his DVD's more "bang for the buck", but if he's going to give us an extra disc to watch, let's put something on it worth the watch. He could have put some of his animated Clerks episodes, which didn't get a whole lot of air play anyway. For that matter he could have crammed it full of "Popeye" cartoons from the 1940's and it'd been more interesting as extra material than his anal rambling ons.

The flick itself was alright. This time the Quickie Mart burns down and the guys have to get a job at a fast food restaurant. One's getting married; the other is all piussed off 'cause he's losing his best friend. There's all sorts of romantic involvment between Dante and his sexy female manager, and some pretty grose stuff involving a Tiajuana "donkey show". The usual insanity with Jay and Silent Bob as a support cast. As usual, everything's back to whatever these guys term as "normal" in the end. Nowhere as good as the original Clerks, but if you're addicted to Smith's continuous adventures of these mutants it's an entertaining ride.

And so far I'm halfway through the DC Countdown series, where so far I've read tales of "The Monitors" trying to kill off what they term as anamolies in the multiple universe, like Jason Todd, The Joker's daughter (who turns out not to be his daughter at all), some of the new Gods, etc. One Monitor's siding with the anamolies and the others are all against him. In this multiple saga he see Harley Quinn now reformed and joining The Amazons on Paradice Island, a quest to find Ray (the original "Atom") Palmer (who is supposed to be the key to this whole new Crisis thingamaguckey), "Mary Marvel" turning into a bad girl and pissing off Zatanna and just about doing in "Klarion the Witch Boy", finaly arriving at the gates of Eclipso, who now possesses the body of Jean Loring. It's a confusing mess, that if you don't try to read like I'm doing at 5 or 6 issue stints, you'd probably forget who the hell's going on from one storyline to the next. Lord, give me strength to endure finishing this set.

In udder news... I see where people are asking the rediculous price of upwards to $100. for copies of Amazing Spider-man 583, simply because Obama's in it. Yes, in a year or two this will join the infamous ranks of Superman 75, Thor 337, and the like as an over-hyped and much over-priced comic which has already gone through as many of 4 printings, each with variant covers. Sell your copies NOW, boys before you get stuck with 50 copies of it like I know one guy still has of The Man of Steel limited series #1.

I keep wondering...Hey? The Dell Giant The Life of Lincoln is all about a president who died for his country, freed the slaves, the comic is 50 years old, and his 200th. Birthday is almost here! THAT book should be worth a fortune!!! (Yeah.

Happy Groundhog Day. "Phil" says there's going to be another 6 weeks of Winter. Time to shoot that varmit and hang is carcus on a fence post as a warning to the other "Whistle Pigs".


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