Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Post No. 625"

Got in that copy of Charlton's Cheyenne Kid #70 (1969) to complete my run of Jim Aparo's backup "Wander" strips. Not Sal Gentile's best effort on CK and a cover saved only by the Aparo insert (which, incidently, was the only time during the run the "Wander" character was actually shown on the cover). Also, that copy of Star Spangled War Stories (DC) #153(1970) has arrived, now giving me a straight run of 138-154. I believe I'll stop at #160, it being that last Joe Kubert issue, and since I already have a #160 all I'll be looking for is the 155-159 before I set that set aside in my wants. In fact, everything I've won on recent auction has arrived save for about a dozen misc. issues of "Hulk/WW Hulk:'s" which will mostly complete my set of that storyline.

Long day yesterday, not leaving work until 5:30 PM due to some a$$hole coming in at the last moment wanting to buy a trailer, and then "hee-hawin'" around having to empty his coolers of water, shoving aside his golf clubs, etc. to hook up the thing. It peeves me, these rich dicks, who have had all day to come buy one of the things, but have been too busy playing golf with their buddies and fartin' off and wait until closing time, ignoring the fact that we've been there a good 9 hours already and ready to finally go home and collapse after a rough day. I've been tempted many a time to just tell them they'll have to come back the next day to get one since they didn't seem to be in an great hurry or need of it, but with this down economy we grab every buck we can 'cause I certainly do like receiving a paycheck every week.

I work tomorrow and Monday, then off Tues-Wednesday when I'm going to try to get more things ready for the May 1-2 yard sale, then work 5 days straight, then vacation time at last.

The comic shop I visit upon occasion has a big "Sidewalk Sale" today on CD's and the like, as well as 25% off back issues on comics,but I'm not going to make it it looks like. Just no extra cash and nobody here locally has mentioned they wanted to go as well, sooooo.....

Finally got all of the pages together on that comic book I've been working on, a total of 23 pages, about 7 of which I still need to ink/letter. I've left one page blank intentionally to see if I can get some support advertisement-wise to help with the printing costs, and that'll be the back cover.

Went by the local flea market today and one dealer had a dozen or so misc. comics dating back to the 1960's, but mostly humor-type stuff. I think there may have been 3 odd bronze DC Giants in the lot, but all were lower grade and I passed on them. Soon as I left the table an older gentleman ended up buying the lot for $5., which is what they're probably worth collectively. I made sure to mention that I was having 1,200 comics in the yard sale in case he was interested, but he said he was mostly wanting comics with a ten cent cover price cheap (aren't we all, *heh*heh*!).


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