Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"Post No. 648"


Not a whole lot new to report this week. My wife, who got laid off from her job some weeks past, finally got at least one unemployment check. She got a job here locally and worked around 5 days until she got tired of the boss's constant flirting and spying on her via his computer (at home), then calling her a half a dozen times at night to tell her to do things she'd already done, so..."that was that". Now it might mess up her getting future checks. I feel like I'm to blame for her even getting that job as I told her she should put in an application since it was within (literally) walking distance from our house. I'd forgotten that this store couldn't keep help over a week at a time, and now we know "why". But we have faith that all will work out in the long run.

Where I work at stays steady. 'Can't tell the economy's in much of a slump there as we seem to have just as many tourists (and locals alike) in the store every day, and I still work at least 5 days a week and usually with a little O.T. at the end of the week even with the part-time extra help they hired, although I still occasionally have days where I have to work by myself.

Our yard sale went okay this past Fri-Sat, but we closed it up early on Saturday due to lack of people out because of the 4th. (I imagine). I'm off work this coming Saturday the 11th. and plan on having it again and this time working it myself.

Picked up well over 200 comics cheap at the local flea market; kept about half of those and the rest assigned to the next yard sale's quarter box which are either duplicates and just stuff I don't want in my collections. I did find several issues of DC's Jemm Son of Saturn, a Captain Atom (1987) #1(which, BTW, is a "Beatles mention" of John Lennon, page 14, panel 7, and thus listed over on the "B&B" blog), and issues 2-4 of Shazam: A New Beginning limited series (all of which I'd been looking for). It brings my CA set down to just four issues now to complete a set.

Won a set of Archangels: The Saga, which you may or may not be familiar with since it's a religious comic book with a superhero theme published a few years back. And, of course, it's about angels battling demons, drawn in sort of a "Michael Turner"-type style (in color). They always looked pretty slick and I wanted to buy them, but they had what I considered too high a cover price ($4.50-4.99). So I won a whole set of 1 thru 9 for less than $10. After I get the set in a read them, I'll review them here (naturally).

And my neighbor and I have been discussing what we were going to do about this big pile of stuff we cleaned out of the pile of leaves and the like we cleaned out from the back of our yards. Everyone here locally wanted $300.-$400. just to bury the mess. The Fire Marshall we talked to about doing a controlled burn on it told us we'd still have to remove any treated lumber or metal, then mostly all we'd have is weeds and dirt, so it wasn't worth doing that either. So now I think we're going to wait until colder weather and let the weeds die down and drag out anything we can't get rid of, spread out the dirt on the back yards, mulch up the weeds, cut up the trees into sizes the city will haul off and the rest cut up into wood and give that away to people who burn that for heat, and then maybe just haul off anything else to the dump. I hate to have to do all of that work, but it'd be worth it to save us some bucks.


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