Monday, April 18, 2005

"Living High On The Hog-Zilla!"

Unlike other questionable legends of weird and wonderful unknown creatures in this world (Big Foot, Nessie, 100 Ft. snakes, etc.), Hogzilla actually existed! An 800 lb. feral pig, shot by hunting guide Chris Griffen recently in Alapaha, GA., it was a mixture of a domestic pig and a wild boar, and eight foot in length!

Dat's a lot of bacon!

There will be a documentary about this legendary hog on the National Geographic Channel, April 24th. at 10 PM CST (so check yer listings).

John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, has agreed to serve as chairwoman of an art competition and exhibition for the 100th. anniversary of the treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War. It'll be called: "The Art of Peace", and is scheduled for July 20th. thru Sept. the 5th. at Portsmouth, N.H.

In personal news, while at the local flea market yesterday I found a couple of copies of the "regular"-size religious comic by J.T. Chick called The Crusaders which was published in the 1970's. One of them (issue #10, from 1976) was on various symbols supposingly used by the occult. There was a statement in it that I thought was quite a hoot when he says that "the circled six-sided star ("hexagram") which is used by Masons and other Lucifer Worshippers..."

(*heh*) You KNOW The Masons loved THAT one!

BTW, I got in my copy of Doom Patrol V1 #103 today in the mail, and I've also won both a #115 and a Teen Titans V1 #6, so when those get in as well I will have finally completed my silver-age set of the original DP which also includes such comics as their Challengers of the Unknown and The Brave & The Bold app.'s! And, say! It's only taken about a year and a half; not bad!


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