Thursday, March 31, 2005

"I Need Help!"

Well...not myself, personally. What I need is more help at work! As I figured, the boss got caught with her pants down by not having at least three people to cover the store on the weekend due to a part-timer quiting, others off sick, etc., so here I'm going to have to work this weekend (my weekend off, natch). So I took off a few hours early today and got out to enjoy a little of this wonderful weather we're having.

On my way home I decided to drop by the local flea market and one dealer there had just bought a large number of comics from the bronze to early 90's. Looking thru them I picked out 20 books and got them for twenty bucks. Looked them up in an Overstreet just to see if I did okay and found them to be worth approx. $66., which isn't bad. That means I gave a little less than 30% of "book value", and if what he's yet to go thru for me to look at next week is any indication of what I got today, it's worth going back for a second look.

In this lot I acquired 5 different John Byrne/Chris Claremont issues of The X-Men: #'s 130 ("Dazzler"),133("Wolverine"),134("Hellfire Club"),137(Death of Marvel Girl),143(last Byrne issue), plus #'s 85(reprint),& 171(Rogue joins the team), and Amazing Spider-man #'s 201 ("Punisher"),246,248("The Kid Who Collects Spider-man"=My All-Time FAVORITE Spider-man story!),311 (McFarlane art), The New Mutants #1, Rom Space Knight #1, X-Factor #6 (1st. full app."Appocalyse"), The 'Nam #'s 5 & 10 (BOTH with Mike Golden art), The Avengers V1 #239 (David Letterman cover & app.), and some misc. like Justice League of America V1 #'s 205 & 208("JSA" x-over) and an Unknown Soldier #264("Tomahawk" and "The Balloon Buster" back-ups).

Their conditions averages from Gd+ to VG+; the most expensive "booking" at $9.; some at fifty cents, but all worth picking up to have and/or read.

And now I'm getting ready to go outside and see if I can get one of the two old lawnmovers ready and started; the front yard's already needing it!


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