Monday, May 02, 2005

"Happy Blog Anniversary to ME"

Yes, I've actually been bloggin' now for a whole year! Geez. Where do dat time go??? Looks like around 2400 hits here, which I guess is okay (means somebody besides ME is reading it anyway!)

I watched the Man-Thing made-for-tv flick the other night , and thought it wasn't all "that bad". The FX were pretty good, had decent lighting for a movie involving a swamp, fairly decent acting, a believable creature (altho' not exactly looking like the Marvel character, but that was expected), and thought it a nice tribute to name one of the characters Mike Ploog. It holds up well as a single flick, but I wouldn't think it'd do good as a regular t.v. series (which is something SCI FI Channel sorta tests the waters for with such).

And now here's something just to drive everyone nuts called:The Color Test.

(The first time I took this "test" I only got a 38%. Then I went back and RE-read the instructions and the second time got 88%, and finally a 100% on the 3rd. attempt.)

I begin a week's vacation today. Was supposed to actually start on the 10th., but as usual, my boss got her "butt in a sling" by not having enough people to cover the weekends. 'Got a LOT of work here around the house to try to do this week including trying to relocate 40 long boxes of comics from the computer room to some OTHER space just so I can move around in here!


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