Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Take ANOTHER Little Piece of My Heart Now, Baby!"

Well, here just the last time I posted I was talking about how nice it was to see something not change for several decades, and now I'm today getting ready to whine about something that has!

As I was out driving down the road today I noticed that an old barn had been torn down. It's not that it didn't need to be demolished ('cause, it WAS in pretty bad shape); it's just that it was a local landmark to me, and the familiarity of its existence, covered in signs from the past, now been taken away. Every time something like that happens it's like another small piece of me vanishes, especially since the barn had been there longer than I can remember (and I'm nearly 54).

I'm afraid that we as humans on this planet grow way too fond of material things such as this which seem to hold some sort of lock & key on memories of "other days" and remind us of the simplier times of our childhood.

Or, maybe I'm just too sentimental. But to top it off, I went by my bank to get some change and noticed that yet another old barn building, one at least as old as the other, was being torn down as well! It's not like either of the buildings really "needed" to be destroyed. I mean, I live in a little 'burg here in South-Central, KY., and neither my town or any of the towns in the immediate vicinity have over 2,000 people, so...what do they think they're gonna put in those spots? Shopping centers, or sumthin'? (Oh,well...)

On a more enjoyable note, I stopped by the local tobacco store and noticed the guy in front of me was buying a can of Prince Albert tobacco. I just had to ask, "Is that Prince Albert in a can?" To which he replied, "Yes". And I had to come back with the traditional, "Well, you'd better let him out! He's suffocating!"

God, the old jokes are still the best ones!


At 1:50 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...


Funny you should mention that barn- I was at the radio station watching on that day when it came down. You're right- it was in bad shape and I guess maybe the people that own that property might have been concerned it might fall down on somebody who happened to enter it or something- who knows. But like you, I've grown up seeing that barn there and it's gonna be awfully weird not seeing it there anymore.

Remember the Kendall Oil sign that was mounted on it?

At 5:52 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Yep. Wish I knew it was coming down (I'd probably snuck by there late at night and "snitched" it!) X^D


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